Why "subjects for adults" attract teenagers

Why "subjects for adults" attract teenagers

At teenage age children are inclined to go into various extremes: cynicism, denial of any values, hobby for aggressive music, attempts to be allocated by means of clothes and many other things. In particular, at this particular time interest in sex and to everything that is connected with it sharply increases.

Problems of the teenage period

For many parents the achievement of the teenage period by their children, that is age between 12 and 17 years, becomes sudden test. Until recently the child was approximate and obedient, and today already puts on a leather jacket with rivets, does a strange hair, constant changes of mood, whims and nervous breakdowns begin.

During a transition period the teenager suffers from two aspirations contradicting each other: to declare oneself how about the independent personality, and at the same time as much as possible to merge with any given group of peers.

The prime cause of all these metamorphoses, first of all, is in physiology as during this age period the so-called puberty begins. At the teenager sexual characters are shown, the hormonal background changes, psychological state becomes unstable.

This age is called not for nothing awkward: teenager any more not the child, but yet not the adult. At the same time he in every possible way seeks to emphasize the independence and readiness for adulthood. In particular, it leads to special attention to sexual subjects.

Why sex is so interesting?

Awareness of distinction of floors, as a rule, happens earlier, but prior to puberty this fact is not of particular interest. And here during a transition period the teenager begins to be interested in relationship of floors including because it is perceived as one of attributes of "adulthood". An important role in formation of interest in taboo subjects is played also by communication with peers and desire to ego-trip. The competitive spirit in teenagers is very strong therefore for them it is so important to be at least not worse than others. Besides, the relation of friends and schoolmates is the most important and significant during this period. Therefore teenagers, especially male, are forced to show constantly the fearlessness, "maturity", "coolness". It is shown not only in the relation to sex - the spirit of rivalry penetrates literally all spheres of life.

In spite of the fact that at teenage age the thirst for the romantic relations becomes more distinct, teenagers try to hide it behind a mask of cynicism not to become an object of sneers from group.

At last, pronounced sexual interest is also one of forms of a protest of the teenager. One of the most important driving motives at teenage age is need of a statement of as independent personality. As a rule, for achievement of this purpose the teenagers try to contradict adults at the slightest pretext, breaking all possible bans. Not least it concerns also a subject of the sexual relations.

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