Why teenagers do not love an order

Why teenagers do not love an order

Teenage age – the most difficult for the teenager and people surrounding it. Still, the person stops being the child, but also does not become the adult. Him "I" demand self-affirmation, but he does not dispose sufficient means to its realization yet.


1. At communication with the teenager consider the fact that various features of behavior are peculiar to this age. There is a feeling of maturity, there are differences of mood, etc. At this age stage the main desire of the person – to ego-trip in any ways.

2. If yours the son or the daughter do not love an order, seek to show in everything the identity – perceive it as an inevitable tribute of teenage age. Children during this period often have such silly ideas (by estimates of adults) how, for example, to paste over all walls of the room with posters of some rock group or popular youth actor. At this age "adult children" like to create to themselves idols.

3. Be tolerant to the teenager's whims. They cannot change something yet therefore, at least externally imitate adults. From here also attributes of "pseudo-maturity" appear: smoking, alcohol, parties at an entrance, youth parties. Manners, gait, appearance change. The boy starts walking waddlingly, having thrust hands into pockets and spitting out through a shoulder. In his speech new expressions appear. The girl studies fashionable magazines, changes hair color every week and the discontent concerning own appearance on mom pours out. They seek to prove to the whole world that they have private life too.

4. If the teenager does not listen to your arguments and continues to conduct lax and chaotic life, try not to break on shout, and to talk quietly and peaceful, in benevolent tone. Try that your tone was not instructive, act as the friend, friendship is appreciated by most of all people at such age.

5. Try to understand the teenager's position, try to like his interests, perhaps, you together will come to the constructive decision of all problems, or to any compromise.

6. Know that rejecting yours the help and control, the teenager shows aspiration to independence. You should reconcile and try to accustom "rebel" to be responsible for the acts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team