Why the baby cannot fall asleep

Why the baby cannot fall asleep

The children's sleep has to be sound. Kids after unlucky day have to restore the forces in Morpheus's kingdom to grow healthy and strong. Unfortunately, not always the dream of babies is serene. Happens that babies cannot fall asleep and cry. Why it occurs?


1. Keep in mind that kids have problems with a dream more often than adults. Children have insomnias too. But only the doctor can make such diagnosis. Address the expert who will be able professionally to look at a problem.

2. Make sure that your baby is not hungry. The baby cannot suffer long breaks between feedings therefore he cannot fall asleep. Perhaps, he lacks breast milk. In this case it is necessary to conceive seriously about fertilizing — children's mix. It is necessary to choose it very carefully proceeding from physiological features of the kid. And here not to do without the help of the pediatrician who will prompt, in favor of what mix to make a choice. Perhaps, he will appoint necessary analyses and on the basis of their results will recommend any given product.

3. Wet diapers can become the reason that the baby cannot fall asleep too. Regularly change them and diapers at the kid. If not to do it that the child will have a diaper rash. Inflammations on skin are a strong irritant. Because of pain and burning in crotches the child cannot fall asleep. Observe hygiene, apply special creams and ointments which perfectly fight against an intertrigo.

4. Diseases can become the reason that the child cannot fall asleep too. If the baby badly feels, he ceases to sleep. The stuffy nose does not allow to breathe normally, from kolik in a tummy intolerable pains develop. Various neurologic complications, dislocations of joints which were received during difficult delivery will also haunt the kid. Here not to do without experts who will appoint necessary treatment and will make a valuable advice and recommendations. You should not neglect them the help, it is important to cure in due time all children's diseases that the kid grew healthy and strong.

5. Your emotional state can also affect the child's dream. If you are nervous much, worry because of what or, the baby feels it. The child has to grow in the healthy psychological atmosphere. Mom has to be always careful, tender and gentle, and then the baby will not perceive the world hostilely and to protest, crying and shouting. After the delivery in this world for you the child therefore try to surround only it with positive aura has to be the main thing only.

6. If at the kid teeth began to be cut through, it can become the reason that he cannot fall asleep. Buy special gels, you apply them on the child's gum. Perhaps, it will help him. If is not present, it will be necessary only to wait this moment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team