Why the baby cries?

Why the baby cries?

Crying of the baby - the only way of his communication with the world. Young mom, having given birth to the first child, it is often lost when crying the child. How to understand that is wanted by the kid, and the most important - what to do? Read in this article.

The baby is younger, the range of the possible reasons of shout are less. Therefore it is more convenient to consider the reasons of crying of the kid from the first days of life further - on the course of its growth and development.

Right after the birth crying of the baby - his only way of communication with the world, the only opportunity to report to mom about the needs. When the child was only born, his main desires: to be full, dry and to get enough sleep. There is still desire of proximity with mom a bit later. Latently this need of the kid is satisfied during feeding with a breast and a motion sickness before going to bed. Therefore in case the newborn woke up and cries, you need to check a diaper, to feed and put to bed again. In the first month the kid the most part of time sleeps, I wake up only to eat.

And here you are discharged from maternity hospital. The kid grows up and there comes time of intestinal gripes. Sometimes happens rather difficult to define that the reason of crying of the kid that it is hurt by a tummy. Several signs after all are: the tummy of the kid is blown up, he rolls out legs, often gripes torment kids in evening and night time. It becomes easier for the child after withdrawal of gases from intestines. Principle of your actions: from simple to difficult. If you suspect that your kid cries because of gripes, at first remove simpler causes of possible discomfort: replace a diaper, feed and try to put to bed. Simple actions did not help - pass to more difficult. Massage, a warm diaper on a tummy of the kid, etc., only in the last turn resort to the help of the anesthetizing medicines.

At some children after the period of gripes there comes the time of growth of teeth, some have a small respite. If your child treats the second type, you were lucky, you will have a period of relative tranquility. As with intestinal gripes, in a case with the cut teeth there is the same principle "from simple to difficult". Before beginning to undertake measures for anesthesia of gums, make sure that the kid is full, a diaper dry and that he shouts not only because wants to communicate to you, to draw your attention. In the latter case it is not always worth running at once to the child: it is normal that mom does not resort on the first call of already grown up child. Can be signs that at the kid teeth began be cut through rather obvious: saliva is plentifully emitted, the child pulls everything in a mouth and tries to scratch gums, gums red, swelled, soft. Before the emergence of tooth from a gum it can often be taped a spoon: just you take a tea metal spoon and accurately tap on a gum where you assume that to be cut through tooth. However pain from the growing teeth can begin long before emergence of strong indications that is when teeth just begin to move ahead in a gum. Then the child just suddenly begins to sleep, be capricious and assume uneasily that it because of teeth is possible only by process of elimination other reasons. What will help your kid at pain from a teething - ointment on a gum, anesthetic, warm drink or sucking of a breast, washing of a mouth a camomile, etc. - you will understand, only touching different methods.

The couple of words wanted to be told that it is not always worth reacting to shout of the kid at once oh. If you are sure that it in safety and to his health urgently threatens nothing, you should not run instantly to it. It is direct way to bring up the whimsical child. The kid has to get used gradually that mom is busy with an important issue too (eats, went to a toilet, etc.). Therefore you learn to distinguish crying of the child. At some share of attention you quickly learn to distinguish shout from pain or hungry crying from simple whims. But also you should not go into extremes too; you remember: requirement of corporal contact with mother is vital for the baby. If not to take it on hands at all, it can lead to bad consequences for mentality and health of the kid.

The main thing – believe in yourself, your maternal heart will surely prompt that needs to be done at present to calm the crying child. Both at intestinal gripes, and at a teething each kid has methods which help; can be, it will be something unique that will calm your child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team