Why the baby puts out tongue

Why the baby puts out tongue

The newborn can put out a uvula during the game or overindulgence and also at a painful teething. However if it occurs systematically, parents have to ask for the help the pediatrician as the reason can be concealed in serious congenital diseases.

Innocent reasons

In the first months of life the baby adapts to the outside world, expressing emotions peculiar gestures which are often unclear to adults. For example, it can put out a uvula, trying to make some sound to draw attention to itself(himself). Usually it occurs when the baby it is keen on the game or any other "rough activity" which is followed by crawling or a makhaniye handles and legs.

The teething can also become the language vysovyvaniye reason. Thus, the kid massages a gum, studies new "reliefs" of a mouth and distracts himself from pain. And here the remains early enough separated from breastfeeding often extend a uvula, satisfying the sosatelny reflex.

From the earliest age of the child try to imitate the parent, repeating their mimicry and sounds. Therefore the vysovyvaniye of language can be connected with the fact that the baby noticed similar gesture for someone from relatives.

Possible diseases

The parents who noticed a frequent vysovyvaniye of a uvula behind the child have to observe his behavior fixedly. For example, in total with a head zaprokidyvaniye during sleep this gesture can signal about the increased intra cranial pressure. In this case it is necessary to address immediately the expert and to undergo inspection.

The newborn can often put out tongue because of existence on it a white raid which in common people is called "milkwoman". It does not do any harm to the baby, however causes at it sharp unpleasant feelings. In this case consultation of the pediatrician is also necessary. Sometimes the structure of the lower jaw of the kid just does not allow to find room for language into his mouth. It is not a disease, however if the baby systematically puts out his tip, it is worth seeing a doctor nevertheless. The increased language sizes can also demonstrate presence of congenital diseases which are imperceptible with the naked eye.

Prevention of the milkwoman consists in respect for purity - the baby has to have own ware. After feeding it is recommended to rinse a mouth of the baby with a teaspoon of boiled water.

Serious illnesses

If tongue of the baby is not just put out, and drops out – it is immediately necessary to ask for medical care. One of the most terrible reasons of this phenomenon - an atrophy of facial muscles. In this case adults will notice total absence of a mimicry on the face of the newborn – he will not smile, grimace, etc. Also the vysovyvaniye of language can be a symptom of a gipoterioz - diseases of a thyroid gland. Usually it happens because during pregnancy mom lacked iodine. To get rid of this illness, highly skilled and timely medical assistance is necessary.

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