Why the baby sleeps badly

Why the baby sleeps badly

In the first months after the child's birth some mothers manage to have a sleep some hours a day. Why some children manage regularly to arrange night "concerts", and other kids live by the principle "has a sleep-ate-has a sleep"? There is a variety of reasons of a superficial or uneasy dream which young mom can eliminate quite.

It is required to you

  • - children's scales;
  • - room thermometer;
  • - child's skin care products.


1. Hunger – the awakening reason which is most extended for babies. Well only the full baby sleeps. Constantly crying kid in such a way lets know to mom that it is time to feed its. The newborn sleeps till 22 o'clock in day in the beginning and eats insignificant amount of milk. Approximately from third month of life duration of a dream is reduced till 17 o'clock, and time of wakefulness increases. Then the child begins to sleep uneasily if he does not eat up. Therefore it is necessary to watch closely the weight of the child and to provide it regular, healthy and sufficient nutrition, irrespective of time of day. If the child constantly wakes up, perhaps, he lacks breast milk and it needs to be finished feeding mix.

2. The baby sleeps badly when to him hot. Norm for babies the room temperature from +18 to +25 degrees which is not recommended to be exceeded during sleep is considered. It is better to dress more warmly the kid or to cover with a thin blanket, but not to put him to bed in the hot or stuffy room. If to the baby it is cold, then he will also sleep badly.

3. Sometimes the child sleeps badly because he got sick. Some diseases proceed without obvious symptoms: temperature increase of a body, cough or cold. The milkwoman or otitis can disturb the kid, for example, therefore inexperienced mothers will define such reason of a bad dream not at once. Chest kids aged about half a year are often disturbed by gripes and gases, and more senior children – for the first time the cut teeth. These are very common causes of a bad dream.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team