Why the child badly sleeps at night

Why the child badly sleeps at night

The uneasy dream of the kid indicates any problems in health of the child at night. It is very important to define the reason of a bad dream of the kid and for comfort of parents, and for health of the child in time.


1. Air the children's room before going to bed. Uncomfortable conditions can become a cause of infringement of a dream of the child. Optimum temperature in the children's room is 18-20ºС. Do not overheat the kid, but also do not leave him to sleep on a draft. You watch humidity of air, especially in winter time.

2. Address for consultation the neuropathologist. The main reasons for an uneasy dream of the kid are often connected with congenital diseases of the central nervous system. For example, such as encephalopathy, increase in intra cranial pressure. Undergo inspections of a brain — the tumor can become the cause of insomnia.

3. Pay attention to health of the child. Perhaps, he is sick with infectious diseases, such as flu, meningitis, encephalitis. Take the body temperature of the child. At a temperature is higher 38ºС a dream of the kid it will be natural disturbing.

4. Examine the kid on diseases of ears (otitis) and on dysbacteriosis. These problems with health are followed by severe sharp pains which prevent to sleep peacefully quietly all night long.

5. Make the test a calla on presence of microorganisms. For example, pinworms harmful influence an organism of the kid, he is disturbed by an itch, nervous system gets poisoned with toxins. Atopic dermatitis (diathesis) or an allergy can also become the reason of an uneasy dream.

6. Try to learn the reason of continuous night wakefulnesses from the child if he already learned to talk. Very often from three to five years torment kids nightmares, fear of darkness, fear of natural disasters and death. School students worry because of unlearned lessons, the unsuccessful answer at a board, the bad relations with teachers or schoolmates. Try to talk to the child, help it to overcome fears. One he will not cope.

7. Observe a high security of a dream and wakefulness of the child. Put the kid to bed at the same time. Refuse noisy active games before going to bed. Create the daily ritual of leaving for sleeping — bathing, the fairy tale for the night, a lullaby, a kiss, wishes good night, etc.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team