Why the child begins to turn over

Why the child begins to turn over

The baby is very active in knowledge of the world around. It is open for new and is inquisitive. The inquisitiveness pushes its development and gives to parents the joyful moments of communication with the kid. Every month brings to the baby new opportunities. Gradually he to study independence and independence of the help of adults. One of significant skills of the first months of life is an ability to turn over from a back on a tummy and back.


1. The child is very inquisitive. Around it the big and unknown world. Desire to learn this world pushes the kid on development of new skills. By 4 months it has a desire not only to examine the objects surrounding it, but also to touch them. It stimulates the child to learn more convenient movements - revolutions.

2. The kid wants to get a rattle which lies away from him. It beautiful also makes attractive sounds. He wants to study this subject. For this purpose it is necessary to get it. The kid tries to reach it handles, gradually his little body is filled up on a flank, and it seizes the new movement - a revolution sideways, later - on a back.

3. The loved one for the kid is his mom. He likes to examine her face. By 4 months the kid has a desire to touch mother's face. It is more convenient to check a mother's nose and eyes from situation on one side. And for this purpose it is required to learn to turn over.

4. Lying on a back, the kid sees only a ceiling and the top part of walls. Its field of sight in such situation is very limited. The inquisitiveness pushes the kid to reach more comfortable position. Having turned over on a tummy, he can raise a head and see much more. At the same time handles fall into more comfortable position. They can reach toys, tighten interesting objects and seize them.

5. The newborn is very dependent on the help of adults. He cannot independently serve himself. Each new movement mastered by the child is a small step to its independence of the adult.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team