Why the child brags

Why the child brags

Your child always praises himself, thereby causing disapproval of other people? Try to understand why the child so loves himself. Diligence ""to expose"" itself from a positive side is a trait of character of people which is peculiar not only to the small child, but also his parents. Only all show this aspiration differently.

As a rule, the first aspirations of themselves to praise can be noticed at three-year-old kids, and the peak of boasting is necessary approximately for seven years. Why so it happens? Often from the kid it is possible to hear: "I am the is best of all at school played soccer", "I helped dad to repair the car", "I washed the floors in the lunch room". By such method your child tries to prove the right to identity. The kid tells people around about own achievements, hoping that other people will approve acts and his "remarkable" behavior. Receiving the next praise, the kid raises the self-assessment. 

Boasting in relation to study can be noticed only at the child with very strict parents. As a rule, they wait from the kid of successes in all undertakings. Often so children from families where dad and mom like to compare them to other children boast. The aspiration to be best of all – it is extremely good, but if parents do not teach the child to perceive failures quietly, desire of the kid to prove that he the best can end with crying (at best) or even with a nervous breakdown. 

Many children adore bragging of various material benefits: "Have a look what cool new touch phone was presented to me by the godmother". So children try to attract peers to begin to be on friendly terms with them. In it there is nothing bad, but nevertheless you need to explain to the child that it is possible to catch friendship by other methods.

While boasting remains ordinary effect of formation of the personality, it is not necessary to pay attention to it. Over time children find different methods to try to obtain a praise from parents and other adults. Nevertheless, if the diligence to boast and desire to attract attention of adults is excessive, means it is necessary to think of the events seriously. Pay attention, to how your kid reacts to progress of other people, for example to new clothes of peers, to expensive toys, to excellent estimates. If the child not only tries to prove to be from the correct party, but at the same time reduces the dignity of other people, it is very bad. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team