Why the child cries and as to help him

Why the child cries and as to help him

Except the serious medical reasons of crying of the baby there are some more reasons for discomfort of various degree which mom can quite eliminate. The main thing is to understand why the child cries.


1. Hunger can be one of the main reasons why the child cries. With kids who eat mixes in this plan it is easier. On volume eaten from a small bottle it is possible to understand as far as the child gorged on. The baby on natural feeding can throw a breast not because of saturation but because to it it is inconvenient. In this case mom has to try other provisions when feeding - lying, sitting, standing, with the child on hands, a forearm or the lying row.

2. Except food, the baby needs drink. If he refuses the offered food, maybe, the reason why the newborn cries, thirst is. Try to popoit it water, perhaps, the child will calm down.

3. Check the child's diaper. Perhaps, its is time to wash away, replace to it diapers and therefore the baby cries. Remember that kids do not like to lie wet and dirty. You watch that on skin under a diaper there were no reddenings and an intertrigo. Look after the child's skin that it was dry and healthy.

4. The reason why the newborn cries, can be gripes which develop even on the second weeks of life of the child and can last before formation of digestive tract which happens by 3-4 months. In this case various pharmaceutical medicines, applying to a tummy of the kid of dry heat help.

5. Perhaps, the child cries because he has a lock. Then carry out massage of a stomach by circular motions, give more water. In case the kid does not go to a toilet second day, resort to the help of soft depletive.

6. Perhaps, in the bedroom of the kid too hot. You watch temperature condition, air the room, maintain optimum level of humidity. You should not wrap up too strongly the child and warmly to dress him houses. Overheating and closeness can be the reason why the baby cries.

7. Some babies easily calm down on the street and during walk usually sleep. Use it to calm the kid. Put him in a carriage and go to the yard or take out the baby on a balcony where there is an access to fresh air.

8. Pediatricians do not recommend to take at each shout the child on hands that he did not get used to it and was not put by too whimsical. This rule works depending on why the baby cries. Perhaps, your kid has gripes or he cuts teeth. If you can alleviate somehow suffering of the child caused by serious physical changes make it, and to cultivate in him independence and independence you will be during quieter period.

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