Why the child cries at night?

Why the child cries at night?

Rather often small children cry at night. Someone is hurt by a tummy, someone wanted to eat, and the bad dream just dreamed someone. How to define why the child cries at night?

Reasons of children's crying at night

The first months of the life the baby sleeps very sensitively and rather often cries in a dream. It is considered normal reaction. Already with growing the kid ceases to cry at night and wakes up only to drink or ask for a toilet. At a sleep disorder at the child  it is necessary to look for the reason for a long time.

Crying of the child up to 4 months can speak about tummy pains. The first months of life intestines of the kid adapt to new living conditions, in mother's womb it was absolutely sterile. For simplification of pains use medicines which help to get rid of gripes: Espumizan, Babotik. It is possible to put the warm diaper ironed by the iron to the child's tummy.

After a six-month-old boundary, teeth which can become the reason of crying of the child begin to grow. Rather often the teething is followed by vomiting, a diarrhea, temperature increase. Children bite toys, are nervous, and their gum bulk up and bring discomfort. Therefore the child often wakes up and cries at night.

The put nose at cold does not allow the baby to sleep peacefully too. It begins to turn and be capricious. The reasons of children's crying the inconvenient bed or the stuffy room can become banal.

How to help the child who cries at night?

Do not ignore night crying of the child. Be with it tender and careful. At the repeating episodes it is necessary to address the neuropsychiatrist or the pediatrician. They will help to find out the reason and will appoint rational treatment. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team