Why the child cries during bathing

Why the child cries during bathing

There is a set of the reasons for which children can cry during bathing. The most difficult this question often appears for the young parents who are bringing up the firstborn.

Search and elimination of the reasons

First, it is important to remember that children of any age cannot be bathed at the increased temperature, acute infectious diseases and also at some other diseases.

If there were though slightest doubts that the child is healthy, it is better to postpone bathing.

For some newborns the bathing, according to a number of experts, can be quite stressful situation. In this case parents need to stock up with patience and the thermometer accurately to know water temperature. Perhaps, the discomfort of the kid is connected with water temperature, it is worth lifting it or to reduce by 1-2 degrees, and it will help the child to get used to bathing.

There is also an opposite opinion according to which water for children is "perfectly the habitat", and all babies feel true pleasure in the bathroom. Unfortunately, in reality everything looks a little differently, and a great number of parents face that their children cry during bathing.

The tender voice, favourite toy, warm and caring hands of mom will help to overcome psychological discomfort.

It is very important not to go too far, accustoming the child to bathing that negative reaction to water was not fixed. Otherwise the kid can just begin to be afraid of water. If problems with health of the kid are excluded, it is necessary to analyze a daily routine carefully. Perhaps, the child overtired or is hungry or maybe on the contrary, there passed not enough time after the last feeding. In this case experts recommend to displace time of bathing or feeding a little. If the situation continues to repeat, it is necessary to look for the true reason of a problem in something another.

The first bathing - a stress and for parents

Parents need to remember also that small children, without understanding words yet, perfectly catch mood of mother and father - on a timbre of a voice, intonation and even (as showed the last scientific research) on a rhythm of breath and heartbeat. Therefore before bathing the child, it is very important to parents to put itself in good spirits, to be quiet and confident that everything will turn out. For children is more senior it is possible to invent the fantastic story connected with reception of a bathtub. Psychologists in problem cases recommend not to press for the child, and to try to interest him. For example, today in the bathroom will wash not Masha - the girl herself will wash the doll Polina. Mame, naturally, it is worth being prepared beforehand for this scenario and to prepare a suitable toy. If, despite all efforts and correction of a day regimen, the child continues to cry during bathing, parents should think of a visit to the expert. First, it is necessary to exclude all physiological prerequisites (for example, skin diseases or any individual problems with health), and secondly, the experienced doctor, having assessed any given specific situation, it is in most cases capable to give a piece of good advice to young parents.

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