Why the child does not talk

Why the child does not talk

If the lexicon of the healthy child having normal hearing by 3 years is limited to ten words, then the delay of speech development is available. Unfortunately, often happens that parents, though are concerned by what the kid long does not begin to tell, do not take, however, any actions in hope that everything will be resolved by itself. Most often their hopes are not equaled, time is missed, and to help the child already much more difficult.


1. Work on correction of the speech is especially effective during the period from 2.5 to 5 years. Its early beginning in many cases allows to achieve full elimination of consequences of a delay of speech development to school age.

2. Doctors logopedists allocate two major factors influencing a speech development of the child: social conditions and pedagogical mistakes, and insufficient development of neurologic and sensomotor base.

3. In the first case, as a rule, education methods are a cause of infringement of speech development. The child or lacks attention from adults, or it (attention) is present at a surplus (hyper guardianship). In the first case to the kid it is simple there is nobody to address. And in the second – there is no need, he got used that all and will be so made.

4. Sometimes, that the kid pronounces a word once, and then refuses to repeat it. Parents, being guided, of course, by good intentions, begin to ask, and then and to demand that he repeated the words once said by it sometimes even punish the child for unwillingness to speak. Most often it results in the return results. At the kid the negative attitude to similar exercises develops. As a result he just ignores any addresses to it of adults, expresses the desires gestures or tries to satisfy them. The similar independence pleases parents, but demonstrates, however, negative attitude of the child to speech communication.

5. Similar violations are often aggravated with features of character of the kid – obstinacy, tendency to hysterics, willfulness. If you want to help the child, address the children's psychologist and the logopedist. The violations caused by lack of need for communication and the wrong approach of adults to speech development of the child successfully and quickly enough are eliminated with experts.

6. In the second case (neurologic violations, an underdevelopment of sensomotor base), the address to the doctor for the help and regular trainings are absolutely necessary. Work on correction of speech development will demand much more time and forces and that will be more successful, than the address to the expert will follow earlier.

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