Why the child does not want to go to a garden

Why the child does not want to go to a garden

You give the child to the tutor, leave group, bypass the site, suffer three hours, looking at windows of the group room. At this time the child, sits all three hours on a stool and whines, looking at too window. What prevents the kid to feel comfortably in kindergarten?

Affection for mom. At an accustoming stage to kindergarten, for the child the excommunication from mom and expectation of her arrival is the most powerful stress. Within 2-3 weeks, as a rule, the kid learns to release mom. But there are cases when especially sensitive children cannot get used to it several months.

Day regimen. To sleep, eat, play and walk on hours - a difficult task for the child. Not always even the adult can be sent for walk if he wants to have a rest. Exactly, as well as on the contrary, if the person, is adjusted to spend actively time, it will not turn out to put to bed. In group of kindergarten the tutor is not interested in desire of each child to be engaged in what he wishes this moment. It is hard to bring together twenty people at the same time on walk. And if are opposing to it, then this procedure is more similar to battle. It is possible to understand the kid if he is forced to conduct a certain mode within 10 hours a day, is the real work!

Tutor as new exacting adult. The best exit for parents the child will have a formation of the authority of tutors. To explain importance of an execution of requests and instructions, adequate perception of employees of kindergarten by parents will facilitate acceptance of the new adult by the kid.

Communication with peers. Having collected in one small room of various children, you should not wait for idyll in their relations. They quarrel and reconciled ten times a day. Infinite laughter, hum and moaning tires any adult. It is unsurprising if your child wants to hide in a corner of the game room too just to remain alone with itself. Pamperedness and fastidiousness. Modern children often receive everything from parents about what they ask. It concerns both food, and toys, and liberties of behavior. Such freedom in kindergarten to the child cannot be provided. The kid can with unwillingness go to a garden if it is asked there: is porridge, to share toys with other children and not to run on group. Sociophobia. If within a year and more, the kid continues to complain when collecting in a garden, does not tell about the events happening to it in a garden. He ignores participation in holidays and with a reluctance carries out orders of the tutor. Perhaps, he wants to be to one more often and it is not really interesting to communicate with peers to him. Among such kids the inquisitive, concentrated and erudite experts of the business often grow up.

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