Why the child does not want to go to kindergarten

Why the child does not want to go to kindergarten

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In most of families mom comes to work on reaching the child of three-year age, and even earlier. It is good if there is a grandmother who will sit with the grandson and if is not present? In such cases to the child employ the nurse, but most often send to kindergarten. Some children go to a garden with pleasure, the others cry, fall into a hysterics, flatly refuse to visit preschool institution. So why the child does not want to go to kindergarten?

Practically to each parent, especially if it is not the first child in family and some adequate reasons for which the child does not want to visit a garden are familiar to each teacher too. And business here at all not in children's disobedience or ill-breeding.

Adaptation to a garden

As the child - creation sensitive and emotional, to it sometimes is difficult to go to a garden because of change of a situation, emergence of the mode, presence of foreign people around, etc. If the child contact also got used to communicate with many people, then adaptation to a garden will be painless and if the kid was only with mom all the time, then the first days, and even weeks the child will experience nervousness, unreasonable uneasiness, fear of all new and so forth. It is quite possible that the child will have a conflict with someone from kids. Considering all above-mentioned factors, the child can refuses to visit a garden the first several months.

House children

Very popular expression now. House call children who spend the most part of time in a home in an environment of mom, dad, grandmothers and grandfathers, brothers and sisters. The child is in the center of attention all the time and, naturally, considers that the family lives for the sake of it and for it. Often egoists who in a garden demand the similar relation grow up from such children. Nobody around the child will drive a round dance, the kid receives a certain share of discomfort and too refuses to go to a garden.

Not created day regimen

Before sending the child to kindergarten, it is necessary to accustom him to go to bed and wake up at the same time, so it will be easier for it to get up in the morning. Some children are capricious just because do not get enough sleep and the cause is parents who did not create the correct mode.

Many parents and tutors in kindergarten often observe scenes in which the child is dragged literally in a garden, the kid is capricious or cries, and in certain cases rolls up the real hysterics. In certain cases the behavior of the child in kindergarten is provoked by parents, negatively spoke of preschool institution. Subjects to high payment for a garden, the conflicts with tutors, the size of the children's psychological trauma and all other should not be discussed in the presence of the child.


Humiliation and reproaches, verbal punishment can form diffidence and complex at the child. Children who are constantly compared to peers uncertainly feel in a garden and often refuse campaigns kindergarten.

The offered food

Often the children who got used to homemade food refuse meal in kindergarten. The reasons on it a little:

- other diet, than houses;

- the taste of a dish is not pleasant;

- the child does not use some products, for example, does not drink milk or does not eat about carrot in soup.

Selective and choosy children in food quite often refuses visit of a garden.

The reasons fighting desire to visit preschool institution off the child are quite possible, very much, it does not like any type of activity, for example, drawing, there was a conflict with the tutor, the daily routine in a garden differs from a house day regimen and so on.

How to solve a problem?

Why children do not want to go to a garden, we understood, but what to do to facilitate the child's campaign to the unloved place?

Incomplete day in a garden

While the child gets used to a new situation, it is desirable to give him for a couple of hours, gradually increasing time of stay in a garden.

Favourite toy

To make stay of the child in a garden more comfortable, it is possible to give it with itself a favourite toy - holding it in hand, the kid will feel more quietly and is protected.

Conversation with the employee of kindergarten

To make stay of the child in a garden comfortable, it is possible to consult to the tutor or the psychologist of establishment, having explained at the same time unwillingness of the child to visit a garden. The skilled worker will help to solve a problem.

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