Why the child goes on socks

Why the child goes on socks

You see that the kid who just learned to go more often rises on toes and prefers to move quite so. Why there is such phenomenon? And in what cases the parents should beginning to worry for a physical condition of the child and in what to calm down and allow the kid to have a good time as he wishes that.


1. Take into account that all kids pass through walking on socks. For them it is a way of knowledge of opportunities of the body, legs, an opportunity to get highly lying subject from the shelf or to draw attention of parents to themselves. Besides walking on socks can be the cause of circulation in walkers. The child gets used to make a start in them socks of legs and when starts walking independently, such support seems to him the most convenient.

2. By all means tell the pediatrician, the children's neuropathologist about the doubts concerning walking of the child on socks. If temporary factors are the reason of the wrong gait of the kid, then soon everything will return to normal. But if the reason in muscular dystonia (tone shift in various groups of muscles) then to help the child to develop with the right physical direction here it is necessary as soon as possible.

3. In case the doctor makes such diagnosis as muscular dystonia, do not panic, and set to work. Do to the child after awakening massage of feet in the mornings, pound muscles of calves of legs, warm up fingers standing.

4. Think up games with the child's legs, for example, "pat-a-cake", only not palms, but legs, draw to him on feet a figure finger. Tell fairy tales, read verses while you are engaged in children's legs that it was interesting to the child every time when do it massage of legs.

5. The gymnastics complex which to you will be recommended by the children's doctor of LFK (physiotherapy exercises) will be required. At a complex usually there are exercises when mom asks the child to resemble not only on socks, but also on heels, sides of legs, showing it on the legs as it becomes.

6. Put on to the child orthopedic footwear (not only on the street, but also at home) which will not allow the kid to rise on tiptoe and will gradually accustom him to go on direct foot.

7. If not to be engaged in muscular dystonia, over time it will lead to development of a clubfoot in the kid, backbone curvatures, a malposture. Only the children's doctor observing it can carry out the final analysis of a physical condition of the child therefore consultation with it in this case is obligatory.

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