Why the child grits the teeth

Why the child grits the teeth

Hardly kids begin to get the first teeth, many parents become involuntary witnesses of suspicious sounds which are than other as diligent use of the child of new acquisition on appointment, excellent from direct, in other words to a scratch teeth. Children can grit the teeth not only at night in an irresponsible state, but also in the afternoon very intentionally.

This feature of a scratch teeth at children has quite scientific name. Among stomatologists the similar process is designated by the word "bruksizm" and is explained, as a rule, by absence at the child of a habit to just appeared at it in a mouth to changes.


However, experts distinguish from other causes of the similar phenomenon also more serious factors, such, for example, as tooth or an ear-ache, the complicated breath in a consequence of allergic reaction, cold.

The scratch teeth is also one of strong indications of emergence in a human body of parasites, for example, of helminths. Often, the reason even of a late bruksizm can become the psychological discomfort connected with an emotional condition of the child, the nervous or unusual atmosphere surrounding it. The scratch can also be response to any physical or mental irritants appearing in human life. According to experts, sometimes, it is explained by genetic predisposition, is sign of the beginning attacks of epilepsy or ordinary desire of the child to elicit absolutely new, pleasant to it once sound.

To fight against a tooth scratch

To help the child to fight with this a habit, very harmful and unpleasant for people around, it is necessary to remove, first of all, the cause of uncontrollable desire "to poskripet". If it is the cut teeth, it is worth facilitating a condition of the child by means of special medicines or massage of gums. If it is a simple whim - it is necessary to have patience and to wait until process becomes simply uninteresting to the child, and the habit will be forgotten or replaced with more interesting classes which appeared in life of the grown-up kid. Anyway, it is worth being engaged in elimination of any irritating influences, to give a priority of gentle classical music, to make daily classes easier and pleasant, to offer the kid firm fruit which will automatically increase load of uneasy jaws. A scratch teeth - a special occasion to show the kid to the stomatologist, he can possibly find the first symptoms of caries, a crack of tooth enamel and other harmful consequences of an addiction. The expert can recommend special slips which will interfere with undesirable attrition of teeth subsequently.

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