Why the child has a green chair

Why the child has a green chair

Appearance of the kid in the house leads to emergence of various problems connected with development and health of the child. At detection of a green chair the parents panic. To understand a problem, it is necessary to establish the reasons.

Reasons of a green chair of newborns

The first year at the child occurs formation of digestive organs and other systems of an organism therefore violations of a chair or change of color is not pathology. As a rule, intestinal bacteria do not cope with the arriving food volumes.

The first 5-7 days the children's organism comes out meconium which turns further into usual kcal.

What causes coloring a calla in a greenish shade in the child after the fifth day after the birth? Attentively track behavior of the kid correctly to establish the reason.

If at a green chair the child behaves quietly, eats, sleeps, color a calla depends on food which was eaten by the feeding woman. For example, at a diet there is a large number of green products. That it did not occur, it is necessary to choose very carefully food as intestines of the kid are insufficiently developed therefore the organism reacts to the most minor changes.

The second reason of a green chair – watery and low-fat milk of mother. In this case the kcal becomes more liquid consistence without pungent smell. At excessively fat milk of kcal becomes a mustard-brownish shade, locks can appear. If the child is on artificial feeding, change of color and structure a calla is connected with change of food. Perhaps, mix is picked up incorrectly. It is necessary to try other look and to track the state of health of the newborn.

Very often upon transition from breastfeeding to artificial there is a change of color a calla.

Dark green chair – sign of insufficient assimilation by an iron organism. At oxidizing reactions there is a coloring a calla.

Green chair – sign of the desease

Often the green chair is a symptom of any disease: - at a catarrhal or viral disease with high temperature of kcal changes a shade; - at dysbacteriosis of kcal it can be painted practically in any color, there is a pungent smell of decay, foam or blood fragments is formed; - at laktazny insufficiency. As a rule, coloring a calla in green color without other signs for concern is rather widespread phenomenon for the growing organism. If the green chair is followed by gripes, belly-aches, concern of the kid, skin rashes, sleep disorders, it is necessary to make immediately tests to establish the exact diagnosis.

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