Why the child has to have obligations for the house

Why the child has to have obligations for the house

Children are full members of family for this reason psychologists speak about that long ago, the child needs to charge certain household chores. Not all parents understand it, many consider that the child has to do nothing. Its task is to enjoy the childhood. Actually performance of homeworks takes not a lot of time, but at the same time forms sense of responsibility at the child which is necessary for it.


1. If the child was three years old, and he on the house does nothing, means parents incorrectly it bring up and it needs to be changed. There is no sense to feel sorry for the kid as it simply does it a disservice from which it advantage will be to nobody. Certainly, it does not mean that the child needs to be loaded as much as possible. Duties have to correspond to its age and abilities.

2. Unfortunately, the culture of modern society is consumer, that is in fact she teaches the child to be lazy. In further it is necessary such people very hardly. Who will want to deal with the lazy person? Besides, such children grow up absolutely unprepared to independent life and blame for it the parents that is really true. Performance of household chores is a great way which helps to counteract modern culture actively.

3. Psychologists call performance of household chores by earnings, but only the speech is told here that for household chores it is necessary to give to the child money. It is about earnings of trust and respect.

4. To accustom the child to it, it is necessary to work step by step. Naturally, at first it is necessary to define what household chores can be charged to the child. It is worth making the list of all affairs which can be in family.

5. Then it is necessary to analyze and divide this list, that is each family member has to get concrete duties. Efforts need to be divided, considering, of course, degree of their complexity. Certainly, parents have to undertake the most responsible and painful duties, it is better for child to entrust what he will can do, it is excessive to overload the child it is not necessary.

6. When all works which the child has to carry out, are defined, parents have to decide by what time the child will be obliged to execute all. It is necessary to make the concrete schedule and to inform of it the kid. Parents have to watch that he forgot nothing as it is peculiar to children. It is important that both parents were at one and knew all rules of performance of household chores.

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