Why the child is sluggish?

Why the child is sluggish?

Sometimes children are very sluggish. You hurry, and your child stiffens in thoughtfulness, hardly putting on, or digs in the things, trying to find something. You make remarks, are irritated, but the situation more is heated, the more slowly the child moves on the apartment.

The reasons of sluggishness of the child can be a little: 

1. It is feature of temperament of the child. 

2. Children up to 11–12 years have no clear ideas of time therefore they do not understand what means to be late and be in time. 

3. So children react to authoritative style of education. 

4. In such a way some children adapt to the situation causing discomfort. For example, when after parting with parents the child should go to the unloved teacher or the teacher.

What to undertake?

  • Analyze the events and understand in what the reason of sluggishness of your child, then to you will be easier to find a solution. Try not to hurry and not to swear. 
  • Especially haste is undesirable in the mornings. Get up a bit earlier. Let morning collecting take place quietly. The key to success is your good mood then children will become more obedient. Tell something ridiculous.
  • Encourage the kid. It is known that the love of parents is necessary for children then when they least of all deserve it. 
  • If often you are similar to the commander of military unit, giving orders and demanding their immediate performance, then think: what at such moments do you teach the child to? To implicit submission? Do you consider it useful to it in the future?
  • It is not necessary to dispose and order to the child. Allow it to meet face to face consequences of the sluggishness. Will be late for classes at school – let will receive a remark from the teacher. Will not catch the bus – will remain without interesting trip.
  • When the child himself understands that he is late, do not rush to him to the aid. Sympathize: "Yes, it is a pity, of course, but I have many cases too".
  • Be not a bore. Try to abstain from reading notations. Adjust it positively better. Tell: "I love you, till the evening". Wish successful day. 

Having noticed positive shifts in behavior, surely report about it to the child: "You so quickly were going this morning to school! I am very glad", "Already do homework? Good fellow". It will inspire the child and will strengthen desire to work in the same vein.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team