Why the child lies and as to define it

Why the child lies and as to define it

Many children like to invent, invent or embellish stories. The reasons for which they lie can be a little. Let's call four main, and then we will try to define signs of lies.


1. The child can deceive you because of a lack of attention and love. If you work too much, and shift education of the child to the grandmother and the grandfather, very quite good stories turn out.

2. The thirst for embellishment and lies is shown at the children having chronic diseases or had diseases and operations. Such child skillfully draws a parallel between lies and a disease, during a disease care for him.

3. Children lie to receive a remuneration or to avoid punishment. For example, the child can tell that he cleaned teeth or that he cleaned up the room though it also did not do it.

4. There are children who dream and embellish reality to diversify reality, boring for themselves. In it a case of the child you should not punish, such imagination contribute to the development of imagination.

5. If you ask the child a question, and he repeats the last phrase after you, know that the child lies. Such repetition he wins time for the plausible answer.

6. If the child in the course of the conversation looks away or in general avoids visual contact, he from you hides something.

7. If at the child the look instantly changes, so he hides from you true emotions.

8. If your kid does any uncontrollable or involuntary gestures (scratches a nose, eyebrows, fingers buttons or scratches a neck), he worries.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team