Why the child moves a little

Why the child moves a little

By twenty weeks of pregnancy most of future mothers begin to feel stirs of a fruit. Its movements are not only a wonderful reminder to the woman about fast motherhood, but also can prompt as the kid feels.

Stirs of the child: norms

It is recommended to trace the frequency of stirs of the child from 28-30 weeks of pregnancy. Carry not only kicks, but also rollings, little pushes to movements of a fruit. The kid can act long time, and can calm down at several o'clock, however norm not less than ten episodes of movements a day are considered.

A little the child moves: reasons

The woman can notice that the kid began to move less in a stomach. Especially it is relevant for the middle of pregnancy when movements are not always felt equally strongly. The kid can move less when mother is active. When walking its smooth movements have effect of a motion sickness and lull the child. The kid in two-three weeks prior to childbirth calms down usually, it occurs because he already practically does not have the place for the movement, he reserves forces before childbirth.

What to do if the child moves a little?

Scientists consider that the fruit begins to move more often when lacks oxygen. However symptom of a heavy hypoxia is the lack of movements for a long time. If after 28 weeks the child moves a little or is not heard from for 12 hours, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately. The expert has to not just listen to a heart a stethoscope, and carry out a kardiotokografiya (KTG). During this procedure within half an hour the heartbeat of a fruit registers. Frequency of a warm rhythm has to change on average from 120 to 170 beats per minute depending on the level of activity of the kid, increasing during the movement. The monotony of warm reductions, more rare heartbeat can be symptom of a heavy hypoxia and demand an immediate rodorazresheniye.

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