Why the child needs to buy the bicycle

Why the child needs to buy the bicycle

Once practically any parent faces the child's request, to buy him the bicycle. Whether this first in life of the baby transport is so necessary and what it is worth knowing about, making the choice?


1. The bicycle (if to speak about the main details) consists of a frame, wheels, two pedals, a wheel, a saddle and often a chain. Bicycles are three-wheeled, four-wheel to transformation in two-wheeled, but the most widespread, these are, of course, two-wheeled options.

2. The bicycle is designed in such a way that in management it uses both legs of the child evenly. The horseman's back when driving the bicycle is not bent, and is in equal situation as the child sits and holds hands a wheel. When pressing pedals an internal part of foot is also studied and warms up that is great prevention of flat-footedness.

3. One more plus of pedals: to twist them, legs need to be put exactly that in turn corrects one more frequent defect of feet, so-called, "kosolapy".

4. In addition, you should not forget that except directly development of muscles of legs, the bicycle the remarkable cardiovascular machine that it is incredibly useful for heart and all blood circulatory system.

5. The bicycle has, perhaps, only several shortcomings if it is possible to call them so. It is the big weight and complexity of development. Some children need a lot of time and the active help of parents to learn to ride. Weight happens a problem too if the child is tired to go by bicycle, parents should roll it independently, will not take it in one hand. On the other hand, thanks to the dimensions, bicycles have, so-called, trunks, or baskets where it is possible to put stock for a sandbox, a ball, spare clothes for the child, or, even the purchases made on the way.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team