Why the child needs to buy the runbike

Why the child needs to buy the runbike

At the sight of modern vehicles for children sometimes eyes just run up. One of them surely storms many years minds and hearts of buyers is a special kind of the bicycle - the runbike.


1. The runbike, in fact is a bicycle without pedals which can become the first step on the way to development of the real bicycle for your child. The runbike consists of a frame, two wheels, the handle - a wheel and a saddle. The seat and a wheel at the runbike are regulated on height, thus it is possible to ride it several years, favourite transport will grow together with its owner.

2. Unlike the bicycle, the child on the runbike makes a start legs from the earth, and it sets the mechanism and himself on it in motion. The runbike is safe because the child reaches legs the earth, that is, literally, if necessary can stand on the feet. The center of gravity is low, the child surely operates the speed at which goes. By means of this mechanism it is easy for children to learn to hold balance.

3. After the runbike it is possible to change surely to the two-wheeled bicycle, passing such "stations" as driving by three-wheeled or four-wheel bicycle.

4. The runbike in a balanced way develops the child, load during pushing away is placed on both legs evenly, and the back is in equal situation between a seat and a wheel which the child holds both hands.

5. The runbike - the easiest way to learn to hold balance and to operate the body, he creates perfect atmosphere on walk when you enjoy at the same time communication with the child and derive pleasure from the movement in the fresh air.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team