Why the child often moves

Why the child often moves

By 8th week of pregnancy the kid in a stomach of mother begins to make active movements. As the fruit is still absolutely small, they are not felt by the woman. In 18-2 weeks the pregnant women begin to feel the first movements of the kid, describing them as swimming of a small fish or fluttering of butterflies.

How many does the child have to move?

The fruit in a womb of mother is constantly improved. Its movements are a necessary condition of the correct development. Gynecologists recommend to keep account of movements from 28 weeks of pregnancy. Large or their small number can testify to various complications of a course of pregnancy. About 10 movements an hour felt by mother during wakefulness are considered norm.

Reason of frequent stirs of a fruit

The child often moves at the shortage of food or oxygen, relying on the instincts. Massaging of a placenta helps it to extract necessary substances thanks to the increased blood inflow. Access of oxygen to the kid can be limited when squeezing large vessels when mother lies on a stomach therefore the fruit can demand frequent stirs of change of situation. The kid can act, turning over if he clamped an umbilical cord. The mood of mother can influence increase in number of stirs of a fruit. Strong emotional experiences are transferred to the kid therefore he begins to move more often. In all these cases you should not worry, it is enough to remove the cause of discontent of the child only.

When frequent stirs of a fruit – a reason for concern?

If the kid continues to kick painfully mom for several hours, it is necessary to see the attending physician.

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