Why the child often wakes up at night

Why the child often wakes up at night

With the advent of the child in the house the rhythm of life changes at all family members. The mode is under construction, proceeding from needs of the kid. At the same time it is necessary to adapt to it not only in the afternoon, but also at night.


One of the frequent reasons that the child wakes up are pains of various character at night. Small children cannot explain where hurts them. As reaction – they wake up and cry.

Quite often kids wake up from belly-aches. Newborn children have one of the main reasons for wakefulness at night. Indigestion still of a weak stomach leads to crying.

Note for yourself, than you feed the kid. Having revealed products on which he has a reaction, it is possible to exclude undesirable manifestations.


Nightmares can disturb the child. Having seen a bad dream, he wakes up and runs to parents. It seems to it that only they will be able to protect it from dreadful dreams. The fright, scary animated films or books can be the cause of their emergence.

Surely ask your child that dreamed him. The repeating dreadful dreams speak about psychological problems. Perhaps, consultation of the expert will be required.

Noise on the street or at home can become the reason of a frequent prosypaniye of the child at night. Bark of a dog, a striking of a clock, a window leaf scratch – noise which does not allow the kid to fall asleep strong. Reveal these sounds and try to eliminate them. The child can have an inconvenient bed. Too soft or too firm mattress does not create him comfortable conditions for falling asleep. The inconvenient pillow can be option. As a result he suffers and cannot relax and fall asleep.


Hyperactive children also cannot sleep tight at night. Their reexcitement prevents full relaxation of the kid. Such children can often get up and in a sleepy look to continue day games. Introduce amendments in activity of the active child. In two hours prior to a dream it is necessary to stop outdoor games, having passed to quieter. Also uneasiness of the child is the reason of a superficial dream. His brain cannot process all information obtained in a day. The large volume of impressions is the reason of excessive load of weak mentality of the kid.

Limit the information flow. Do not allow the child to be for hours at the computer and to watch TV.

The child can often wake up to descend in a toilet. Such feature of an organism does not allow to fall asleep strong and to fully restore forces. Such children need to reduce amount of the consumed liquid before going to bed. The plentiful dinner will also not allow the child to fall asleep quietly. Load of a stomach gives negative effect. It is necessary to observe a day regimen of the child and not to allow to overeat before going to bed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team