Why the child often yawns

Why the child often yawns

Yawning to anybody does not cause concern, it is considered natural physiological reaction of an organism. What it is connected actually with and whether always it is caused by a lack of oxygen?

Yawning and its value for the adult

Yawning represents the unconditioned congenital reflex consisting of a long breath and a fast exhalation. The first time the kid tries to yawn in mother's womb. It is confirmed with pictures of ultrasonography in the ZD format. With age this reflex becomes conditioned − it explains the fact that adults and children are more senior than four years adopt yawning each other. Yawning continues to fulfill the physiological purpose throughout all human life. However, tasks at it at each age different. For example, the adult's yawning, promotes faster awakening. Yawning, the person strains muscles of jaws, backs and necks. The deep breath increases amount of oxygen in blood, improves brain blood circulation therefore the brain begins to wake up gradually. Even when you feel intolerable boredom or fall asleep on the feet, yawning helps to cheer up a little at least.

Yawning at kids

To children there is the same, only result on an exhalation completely different. Brain activity of the kid is likewise stirred up, but for maintaining cheerfulness of consciousness of it it is not enough. Especially, the child does not take any social responsibility therefore right after a yawning attack he can fall asleep. This reflex plays one more important role in chest age. The dream protects nervous system of the child from excessive loadings and gives it the chance to be restored. And yawning at critical moments of overexcitation gives it a fast discharge since at activation of brain activity the nervous tension, a stress and fatigue recede.

The possible reasons of frequent yawning at children

In usual circumstances the yawning says that the child needs an immediate dream. But in cases of its too frequent emergence it is necessary to pay attention to a condition of the kid. Perhaps, it has problems with nervous system. Babies are not capable to imitate adults and yawning for them is an unconditioned reflex. The young mothers nursing the children need to reconsider the diet and to add it with the products raising a lactation. It turns out that children's yawning can have two reasons: this nerve strain and lack of oxygen. In the first case, the child needs to be shown to the neurologist, and in the second − parents need to reconsider a day regimen of the kid. Increase amount of time spent in the fresh air. Walks, create the most optimal conditions for a healthy sleep, so necessary for the small child. In case walks are made regularly, then it is worth normalizing temperature indoors where there is a kid. Ideal temperature are 22 degrees at all seasons of the year, in such conditions oxygen is acquired better.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team