Why the child snores in a dream

Why the child snores in a dream

At children's age - a thicket from one to seven years - some children have during sleep a snore. Children's snore is not harmless and needs close attention of parents though it is also not always a consequence of pathology.

Causes of children's snore

Young parents need to know that snore for babies from a month to one year - the phenomenon normal, physiologic. It is connected with poor development of airways and reorganization in work of a nasopharynx.

Appeared at night the expressed snore of the kid can speak about an onset of the illness. Snore – one of the first symptoms of the developing acute respiratory disease as a result of which there is nasopharynx hypostasis and the child cannot normally breathe. Quite often because of the same hypostasis the kid begins not only to snore everything at night, but also to cough. In that case symptoms of snore pass after an izlechivaniye of the main disease.

The described origins of snore are characteristic also at allergic rhinitis.

Hit of a foreign matter in nasal ways can be the cause of snore at small children. In case of suspicion on it it is necessary to examine the nasal courses and to take measures for their cleaning, not seldom it is necessary to do it in the conditions of policlinic or even a hospital. Presence of excess weight at the child is very frequent reason. In that case the kid needs to correct a food allowance and to try to involve in exercises for the purpose of decrease in excess weight.

The physiological changes leading to snore

The described reasons are the most harmless. But also serious pathological process can be the reason of children's snore. For example - increase in the lymphoid fabric located in a nasopharynx is so-called adenoides. The lymphoid fabric located in the depth of a nasopharynx performs protective function in a children's organism, it interferes with penetration of viruses and bacteria and transfers information to an organism for development of antibodies in response to influence of infectious agents. In case of considerable blocking of passing of air the doctor can advise removal of adenoides. But in cases not heavy also conservative treatment without removal is possible. Such serious disease as epilepsy, i.e. emergence in a brain of the pathological centers of electric activity can be one more serious reason. Therefore even cases apnoe, i.e. respiratory standstill are possible. In case of this disease in principle the risk of developing of primary snore is increased and also it can arise later during an attack in a dream when there is flowing of saliva in the upper airways and, therefore, snore develops.

If parents have any suspicions, it is necessary to address the neurologist who will appoint the special diagnostic examination allowing to detect epilepsy and to appoint timely treatment urgently.

Also the structure of a maxillary system congenital incorrectly when the lower jaw during situation on a back is removed back can be the cause of children's snore and partially blocks airways. In that case it is necessary to consult with the surgeon as such problem is solved.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team