Why the child spoils toys and how to cope with this problem

Why the child spoils toys and how to cope with this problem

Many parents face a problem when the child breaks toys. The reasons of such behavior can disappear as in incorrectly picked up thing which does not correspond to interests, and in desire of the child to draw attention. The broken toys can indicate aggression which the child is not able to operate. What it is worth doing to parents how to try to disaccustom the child to spoil and break toys?

Parents have to understand that any behavior of the child does not undertake from anywhere. Very often children adopt behavior model, watching mom and dad, elder sisters or brothers and other family members. Therefore in a situation when the child constantly breaks new – or old – toys, it is worth asking a question from where in it this line could appear. If the child becomes the witness of how parents constantly spoil any things, for example, because of irritation, rage or inability it is correct to treat them, then it gradually adopts such behavior and transfers it to the toys. In that case family members should analyze the behavior and to change it not to set the child a bad example.

The spoiled things can be a signal for parents that the child lacks attention from their party. Gifts in the form of dolls, designers or machines can occupy the kid for some time, carry away it. However it is all the same necessary for it that dad and mom found for it time, played with it, communicated. The broken toys can be a tacit protest, a part of provocative and display behavior. However in certain cases in such a way children try – often unconsciously – to manipulate parents. Before abusing the child for offense, it is necessary to try to talk and establish with it the reason because of which it tore off wheels at the new car or broke a new doll. If offenses of the child are really connected with a lack of attention and feeling of abandonment, then parents have to reconsider the relations with the kid, try to come into contact with the child, to pay it more attention and cares.

Very often dad and mom, the grandmother or the grandfather want to please the kid therefore buy to him new toys. However often adults are guided by the interests, do not consider a wish of children. If mom does not like a doll of which its daughter dreams, hardly it will get it. Trying to impose the tastes to the child, parents will surely face sooner or later a problem when toys break intentionally. In this case it is worth thinking of the behavior, to choose gifts for the child taking into account his desires and preferences.

It is important to remember that if any new thing falls into hands of the child, it is impossible to leave him alone with it. Parents have to explain to the child how to handle a new toy that with it can be done and that – it is impossible. It minimizes risk that the thing will be broken the first minutes of a game. Besides, it is never impossible to forget also about age of the child. It is unreasonable to hand to the kid the difficult designer from a set of details, and to give to the teenage girl a baby doll with a pacifier. If such toys also are not broken, then they, most likely, will not bring joy and there will be zakinuta in a dusty corner. Exceptions make only situations when the child sincerely wants to receive as a gift any given thing.

It is important to parents to learn not to indulge all whims of the child. The manipulative behavior mentioned above often is shown through damage of things and toys. If after the doll is broken to get for the child new at once, then he will remember it. Also will try to manipulate parents, damaging any objects and things to receive the desirable. It is unreasonable to shout at the child and to strictly punish him if it spoiled a new toy. Important quietly with it to talk, explain that such behavior – wrong. Through careful attitude to toys and the to personal belongings the child gradually learns to be responsible. Therefore you should not give in on manipulation precisely as you should not threaten the child, to put any ultimatums.

In many cases the reason why the child breaks toys, the banal curiosity acts. Then parents have to explain intelligibly that similar interest spoils things and so it is not necessary to do. Perhaps, there is a sense to get such toys which will easily understand for the inquisitive kid and it is also easy to gather.

It is also worth noting that if through a lomaniye of things the child constantly releases the aggression, irritability and other negative feelings, it is important to communicate seriously to it on a similar subject. Parents have to teach the child "to handle" the emotions. However when the situation absolutely begins to get out of hand, it is reasonable to address for consultation at least the children's psychologist. Really serious internal problems demanding correction can be behind destructive behavior of the kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team