Why the child strongly belches

Why the child strongly belches

Vomiting is a process of ejection of contents of a stomach through a gullet in a mouth. This natural phenomenon, and almost all kids aged up to 4 months belch. Over time it passes if the child normally grows and develops. However the frequent vomiting which is followed by lack of appetite and loss of weight can be caused by various diseases.


1. Almost all newborns at least once in day belch - it is physiology. Emission of a small amount of food is caused by backwardness of the structure of a GIT at kids. In process of growing and development of the child of vomiting stop. If emission of food become plentiful, it is worth observing a condition of the kid and to find out the reason of this phenomenon.

2. There are many reasons of strong vomiting of the kid: - wrong position of the child during feeding; - intestinal gripes, abdominal distension or locks; - when overeating the kid belches excess amount of milk; - the newborn incorrectly takes a breast during feeding or sucks with greed, taking air; - incorrectly picked up small bottle or its wrong situation when feeding, air in a nipple; - the child does not suit dairy mix; - the GIT pathology demanding urgent diagnostics and treatment; - infectious processes in an organism of the newborn or inherited disorders of a metabolism.

3. To avoid plentiful vomiting mothers should follow several simple rules: - approximately for an hour before feeding it is not necessary to play with the kid active games, to finger it, it is better to allow it to have a rest; - during feeding stack the child at an angle in 45 degrees that the head was raised; - correctly put to a breast, you watch that the nose of the kid did not rest against a breast; - if the child is on artificial feeding, the small bottle during feeding needs to be held almost vertically that the pacifier was filled with milk, and the child did not gasp; - after feeding several minutes take the kid vertically that air departed; - if the child after feeding fell asleep, surely put it on one side that the kid did not choke; - stack the child on a stomach more often; - do massage of a tummy by easy strokings clockwise; - avoid hard swaddling or hard clothes; - you do not feed the child when he cries; - as often as possible let's suck to the kid a breast, then he will not be so hungry and will not become greedy to eat, taking air.

4. Vomiting usually does not deliver to the child of painful feelings and discomfort. The cheerful kid, well eats and puts on weight. At the correct development such emission of food stops already to 6-month age. If the child belches plentifully and often, at the same time the kid uneasy, loses flesh, it is necessary to address the pediatrician immediately.

5. Observance of simple rules of feeding of the kid will help to avoid unpleasant situations, and in case of their emergence it is necessary to find out the reasons of their manifestation in time and to address experts.

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