Why the children's pacifier can be harmful

Why the children's pacifier can be harmful

The children's pacifier serves for satisfaction of need of the kid for sucking. From a variety of this accessory in modern shops dazzles in eyes. However in some cases use of a pacifier can have also harmful consequences.

It is required to you

  • - set of children's pacifiers;
  • - container for their storage;
  • - disinfecting solutions for pacifiers.


1. If to begin to give a pacifier too early, there can be difficulties with feeding. The risk is high that the kid will not be able correctly to learn to take a breast. So month two after the birth until the lactation gets better finally, it is better to hold off a pacifier. However, if mom has not enough milk or painful cracks on nipples appeared, it is not necessary to neglect use of a pacifier.

2. A dummy to the child to the detriment if he sucks it constantly. It is fraught with problems in development of gums and the wrong bite.

3. A lack of pacifiers and that make them of not natural material, and of latex. On polymeric materials though they also undergo strict hygienic testing, allergic reactions can appear. Having begun with small, the allergy can develop further prompt rates.

4. While the kid sucks a dummy, he has no special need in acquaintance to the world around. Process of knowledge is substituted for a sosatelny reflex. For this reason if the child neither at night, nor does not leave a pacifier in the afternoon, because of it his cognitive, informative development is slowed down.

5. At abuse of a pacifier the kid quickly has extremely long term habit. And to disaccustom him then to this "chachka" incredibly difficult. However it is a shame to suck a dummy after two years not only, but also it is harmful: at the child the speech will develop much worse.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team