Why the husband does not want the wife after the delivery

Why the husband does not want the wife after the delivery

Many spouses face that the husband grows cold to the wife after the child's birth. But even men cannot precisely answer a question why it occurs. The birth of the kid has to bring together his parents, but the husband and the wife become rather business partners, than lovers.

Why the husband does not want the wife after the delivery: common causes

The first reason – psychological, but very few people thinks of it. The fact is that when the woman becomes a mom, she cardinally changes the relation to life. First of all it affects the people surrounding it and more own spouse. If earlier she was just a wife, then after appearance of the child in it with a new force maternal instincts wake up, unfortunately, they extend not only to the kid, but also on the husband – the woman begins to bring up the spouse, and he begins to see in it not the girlfriend and the mistress, but own mother. In such situation and it is not necessary to think of sexual inclination.

The second reason is rather obvious: the kid takes away a lot of time and forces from both spouses. In the afternoon the man spends time at work, and devotes it to the child in the evening, but not the wife. The wife, in turn, turns all day, like a squirrel in a cage, even in the evening this mind-blowing running almost does not stop. Naturally, that situation which reigns in the house where there is a small child hardly promotes harmonious and regular intimate life. It does not say that there is no sex at all, it is, but not in that quantity and not that quality that earlier.

The last reason is changes in appearance of the spouse. The body of the woman changes after the delivery, many mothers gain kilograms both during pregnancy, and after it. In such situation of special fault of the husband in fading there is no desire. Even at the minimum quantity of free time the woman has to try to watch herself to look if is not sexual then it is well-groomed and it is attractive. It will do good not only to family, but also psychological state of the woman - beautiful reflection in a mirror lightens the mood and does surer.

How to return desire of the husband after the delivery

Of course, the reasons why the man does not want the wife after the delivery, can be not three, and it is more, but an exit is.

First, it is necessary to show patience, the child quickly enough grows, over time cares become less, and the woman has an opportunity to return gradually to an image, habitual for it, and a rhythm of life. Besides, spouses have more free time which can be devoted each other.

Secondly, it is necessary to give each other time to get used to new roles in family, both the man, and the woman endure a stress.

Conclusion: if the man and the woman really love each other, then the temporary lack of regular and full-fledged sexual life is a coming phenomenon which needs to be worried. Many families face such problem, but, having shown patience, most of them manages to improve ideal intimate relations 2-3 years later, and sometimes earlier.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team