Why the lead for the child is necessary

Why the lead for the child is necessary

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Recently on the street it is possible to see parents who conduct the children on special leads. At first sight it looks rather ridiculously and strange, such accessory usually intends for walking of animals. However it is not necessary to hurry with conclusions. It is worth understanding what represents a children's lead and why it is necessary to the child.

Types of children's leads

Producers offer several various models of children's leads. The reins equipped with the rigid handle holder and fixing the kid by means of soft shorts are considered as the safest. This model of a lead evenly distributes load of a weak backbone of the child.

Other model, convenient for the kid, - reins which are fixed on a breast, in armpits and on shoulders. The lead is equipped with a lining from soft fabric for a breast, protecting from rubbing. This model is distinguished by the wide range of the adjustments allowing to apply reins both on winter and on summer clothes.

The simplest model are reins which consist from a sling and adjustable fasteners. The lead is suitable for children is more senior which already learned to stand on the feet surely, however can fall at movement. It controls balance of the child, but does not support the kid. One more interesting solution of children's reins - model which consists of a backpack and the lead attached to it. Similar reins will be suitable for very active children, not persons interested to go by a hand with the parent.

Why to the child lead

The first steps of the kid – great joy for parents, but it can be saddened by frequent falling of the child and related injuries. Children's reins can ensure full safety for the kids only beginning to take the first steps. When it is already boring for child to creep, he gets up and learns to go. This period is connected with the first falling, bruises and loud crying. Unfortunately, without it the kid will not learn to stamp on a path. However mom tries to save the baby, in time to pick up him and not to allow it to fall and hit. The children's lead carefully embraces a little body of the kid, allowing mother to control steps, saving the child from bruises and bruises. This adaptation not only is capable to protect the baby, but also to save a mother's back, it needs to incline periodically, bending the body to lead the little pedestrian by the hand. The children's lead is also the control device over the restless researcher. It is known that kids are very inquisitive. They are attracted by dirty and dangerous objects, holes and pools, open hatches and borders. It is difficult to follow the bright tot. And here the parent is come to the rescue by a lead. Once the child goes towards a hole, mom or dad the easy movement of a hand will resolutely and accurately draw aside the inquisitive kid and will prevent a possible trouble. And if the bicycle, the car or a homeless dog suddenly appeared? What shall I do? To call the child and to shout it is useless, reaction at kids leaves much to be desired. Reins are capable to cope also with this task, without having done much harm to the child and without having crippled him. The parent just will stop in time the fugitive. Also other situation is possible: mom has several small children. One kid sleeps on hands or sits in a carriage, the others independently walk or run on a path. How in that case to follow all of them? One selects a dirty leaf of a tree and puts it in a mouth, another rushes for a butterfly, the third sleeps on hands, and mom – one. In that case a children's lead – a thing irreplaceable. It allows to control movements of fidgets, preventing troubles.

Lead for the child: pros and cons

There is an opinion that a children's lead – a thing absolutely useless and even harmful. Opponents of this invention consider that reins limit to the child freedom in movements, do not allow to learn actively the world, have negative effect on weak children's mentality. Perhaps, in this opinion after all there is some grain of truth. That it is sure to child to go, he needs to learn to fall, "get" the first bruises and cones. Of course, in it there is a danger, but it is necessary for normal development. Protecting the child from falling, bruises, pain and other negative points, parents can do much harm thereby to the kid. Then there is an opportunity that their child will grow up the dependent person avoiding difficult situations. On the other hand, there are situations when children's reins are really necessary. For example, if mom is pregnant, has several children when with the child the elderly person who is not able to follow the little fidget walks. Therefore, probably, everything depends on a specific situation. Whether to get a children's lead and how often each parent decides to use it - independently. Only parents know that it is really better for their kid.

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