Why the newborn groans

Why the newborn groans

Often young parents are disturbed by strange sounds which their newborn baby can publish. How to treat, for example, grunting of the child and what it can mean?


1. Intestinal gripes which overcome practically all children of the first months of life are the most common cause of grunting of the kid. At this moment at the child the feeling is created that its ventricle is crowded. In a stomach gases accumulate, painful spasms are as a result formed. The child tries to make an effort therefore he groans. The state it most often arises right after feeding. The child, except grunting, draws in under himself legs or stirs them, can cry, worry.

2. Grunting of the kid can indicate that it is difficult to it to descend in a toilet. Especially when the child is tormented by a lock at a full stomach. Do not give at the first locks to the child laxative. He will try to descend in a toilet. As a last resort consult with the doctor what candles it is possible to give an enema to the child or what that he descended in a toilet.

3. It is necessary to see immediately a doctor if grunting of the child accompanies such situations as: - refusal of food; - vomiting and plentiful vomiting after each feeding; - eructation, loose stool; - strong gas generation; - unrationed weight reduction; - temperature increase of a body.

4. Consult with the doctor if along with grunting the kid sleeps badly at night, cries and screams in a dream.

5. You can help the kid to cope with the intestinal problems causing grunting. For example, in 10 minutes prior to the next feeding put it on a tummy. Try to nurse the child or from a pacifier so that he did not swallow at the same time air.

6. If you nurse, exclude from the food very fat products and fermenting in intestines. After each feeding you hold the child a column within 3-5 minutes. Do it massage of a stomach with easy stroking clockwise. Bend and unbend legs of the kid, tightening them to a tummy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team