Why the newborn hiccups, often cries and belches

Why the newborn hiccups, often cries and belches

Young parents very much worry about the firstborn and panic in any unclear situations. But before running to the pediatrician, it is important to understand what occurs and because of what. There are reasons which parents can eliminate, others will demand medical intervention. To watch signals from the kid rather carefully.

When at an eructation it is necessary to see a doctor

Sometimes the kid who did not otrygivat earlier can begin to return a part of milk, and at the same time to make an effort. Sometimes happens and vice versa, an eructation stopped, and it causes panic reactions in parents who begin to carry the child on doctors. The danger is constituted by the eructation observed from 5 times a day if for once there is a lot of an eaten food. When such phenomenon is noted after each feeding and the kid begins to be capricious, the help of the doctor is necessary.

The small eructation and hiccups after a meal is normal, especially if the kid ate hasty. But if the newborn returns a part of the eaten milk after each feeding, then this symptom has to guard parents. It is often noted if the kid premature. The two-month child can groan at the same time. At him, perhaps, it happens because of feeding violation, but the reasons can be more seriously. If he begins to sneeze often, at him on temples sweat is noticeable, and it is noted at each feeding, then it is necessary to address the doctor immediately. Therefore it is required to watch closely health of the newborn and to know what bases can induce it to belch food, to cry and hiccup. Sometimes at the same time it raises legs, begins to shake them - it speaks about intestinal gripes. It is necessary to change position of a body that the kid ceased to jerk legs.

Problems with digestive tract and feeding

The hiccups arises because of convulsive reduction of a diaphragm when the small volume of air from lungs is pushed out. The characteristic sound appears because at this time the nadgortannik sharply blocks an air outlet, at the same time the child can redden or become blue. The constant hiccups accompanied with crying and an excessive eructation of food most often is a consequence of problems with food, perhaps food badly is digested.

What causes such symptoms:

  • Overeating when the amount of postupayemy food is excessive, stomach is overflowed and there is an eructation. Such state causes discomfort and painful feelings therefore the child can cry, pull legs. Also, when the diaphragm finishes, it begins to press on a stomach that leads to its sharp reduction because of pain. If the school student can refuse food, then the baby is not able to define the norm yet.
  • If mother has not enough milk, then the baby can shout and hiccup because of a lack of the nutrients necessary for development. Therefore it is necessary to watch that children's weight kept within the age standard. If the kid does not gorge on, then he will constantly want to sleep.
  • Receipt together with air food. At newborns the trachea is located in such a way that they can breathe and eat at the same time. Only the one-year-old child gets rid of this feature. The hiccups and vomiting are sign of the wrong position of a body during feeding. Perhaps, the leg or a hand strongly presses on a stomach.
  • The belly-aches arising because of a congestion of gases. Because the child ate several months through an umbilical cord before, his digestive tract is undeveloped, and there can be failures in a vermicular movement.
  • Locks can also cause crying and an otrygivaniye because of emergence of pain and the insufficient place for digestion of milk. Therefore it is important to watch regularity and profuseness of excrements of the kid, and at decrease in allocations to see a doctor behind the drugs stimulating work of a GIT.
  • Because the baby eats mother's milk, it has no need for additional liquid. Only the middle of hot summer, or walk in summer day in the closed carriage can cause such situation. Another matter if the newborn is raised by means of mixes, then at it there can come dehydration. To remove symptoms and the reason, it is worth trying to give a little water if it does not help, then the source is absolutely in another.

Wrong environmental conditions

Emergence of a hiccups, shout and otrygivaniye can be caused not only the internal reasons, but also external. In a stomach mother had a constant environment to which the kid got used, it still has no many mechanisms of self-control. Therefore if surrounding temperature too big or too small, then there are failures in an organism because the body overheats or overcools. The normal indicator of temperature recommended to WHO in the room should not exceed the limit of 20-23 degrees.

These symptoms can arise at incorrectly chosen bed, or mistakes in swaddling. Soft method of swaddling of the newborn that the dream was stronger is now used. Thus, it is possible to avoid a reflex vskidyvaniye of extremities in a dream. Many mothers and grandmothers can still use old methods which advised hard swaddling which had to give to the child feeling of safety. This way peredavlivat extremities that can cause the wrong development of muscles and also at hard swaddling the area of a stomach is constantly squeezed that leads to mistakes in breath and a hiccups. Can cause a plentiful eructation, literally squeezing out part of food of the kid. All this causes constant discomfort that leads to continuous shouts.

Terrible sounds

Often parents are perplexed why strong howl the engine of the car or other similar loud sounds of the child calm, and silent, like the fallen handle or laughter, can frighten. Here it is important to understand that some strange situations on sounding remind the newborn what he heard at pre-natal development. Uniform operation of the engine, happens approximately at the same loudness, as digestion of mother therefore it calms him. For the short life, the kid did not manage to adapt to new conditions yet. At emergence of unfamiliar and unusual sounds, the baby can begin to cry because of misunderstanding, and, calling to the aid parents as does not know what to do in this situation.

For a long time it is proved that children avoid some things instinctively, begin to shout. So, for example, something in a form reminding a snake or a spider will force to look and call continuously on it to the aid, and green food will cause desire to spit out it. Therefore it is necessary to know what sounds can frighten to avoid developing of a constant stress which will provoke a hiccups or an excessive eructation because of fear.

What sounds near the baby should be excluded:

  • Loud voices, exclamations, especially people to whom the child does not contact every day. If someone shouts as cut, the kid begins to cry too.
  • Loud music and movies. Most likely, earphones because of special effects or shrill notes will be necessary for their listening. It does not belong to gentle classical music and also compositions with an accurate continuous rhythm.
  • Beep of the car or alarm system.
  • Uneven knocks, frequent frightening rumble.
  • The screaming sounds, at ancient ancestors they meant that the predator comes nearer.

Development pathologies

Constant crying, misoperation of digestive and respiratory system can arise because of the wrong development of internals or nervous system that is especially dangerous when the child was not 1 year old yet. Therefore it is important to perform constant anthropometrical inspection of the kid, correlating each parameter to that which is recommended by medicine. Of course, the physical standard is an average value, but thanks to it it is possible to notice that the child continues to grow in the correct speed.

Pathologies can be and diseases of nervous system or a GIT are imperceptible, for example, it is possible to define only by medical examination. Therefore it is necessary to know what can cause them. All these illnesses can provoke a frequent hiccups and vomiting.

Causes of pathologies of nervous system:

  • Hereditary diseases.
  • Deviations in pre-natal development.
  • The infectious diseases transferred mother during pregnancy.
  • The child was born premature.
  • Difficult long childbirth, damages owing to passing of patrimonial ways or a lack of oxygen are possible.

When the reason was in foreign sounds, temperature, swaddling or the wrong feeding, the baby has to calm down within 2–3 hours, depending on weight of influence. Perhaps, it clogged a nose. If all reasons which can cause concern in the child are excluded, but he continues to cry and hiccup, it is necessary to see the attending physician urgently.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team