Why the rug for crawling is necessary

Why the rug for crawling is necessary

The rug for crawling is necessary for development of coordination of the movement, memory and an outlook. It acquaints the kid with flowers and shades, figures and letters. Further it can be used for sports classes.

Crawling begins with awakening of interest in the world around. This skill has huge value as in physical, and mental development of the kid. During crawling the correct coordination of movements returns to normal therefore it is necessary to stimulate the kid, carrying out special exercises. The rug for crawling can help with it.

Why it is necessary

Each child has a put crawling reflex, but not all kids master this movement. Happens so that by eight months the child does not do even feeble attempts to creep or makes strange movements, without rising on handles or being shaken on all fours quite long time. The rug will help to stimulate it on further actions. It can be picked up for the size and to use in the nursery instead of a carpet. There are various variations of this developing device for children: the rug puzzle with a rough, ridge and rigid surface acquaints the baby with the world around in geometrical forms and allows to accelerate process of training in skill of crawling. The firm hillocks which are specially adapted for palms and feet of the kid develop tactile feelings.

Rolled rugs make generally of wool. They as well as rugs puzzles from polypropylene bear the developing function: bright subject pictures give an idea of flowers and shades. Various mice and bears, lodges and flowers develop memory of the kid, and letters and figures broaden his horizons. The rug for crawling bears on itself and adaptation function: having got used to play on it, the baby identifies it with own world where always warmly and comfortably. Therefore such thing can help out parents in any unusual situation.

Rug advantages for crawling

The rug for crawling has excellent heat-insulating and noise-insulating properties. It is easily cleaned from pollution therefore it is possible not to be afraid to put on it the kid without pampers. One more important advantage before a usual carpet: the soft basis of adaptation will provide reliable depreciation when falling. Porous elastic polypropylene will absorb blow, to that he is capable to strengthen a backbone. Both wool, and synthetic polypropylene are absolutely hypoallergenic and allowed for use to children. They do not accumulate and do not collect dust. The lower basis of this developing adaptation does not slide on a floor, it is completely balanced. Therefore parents can not worry that the kid can slip, or the rug will "go" under his legs. And even when the kid will grow up and will begin to get up on legs, the rug can be operated further, having adapted it for sports trainings.

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