Why the stomach bottom after the delivery hurts

Why the stomach bottom after the delivery hurts

During patrimonial activity the female body has a big stress which can promote emergence of consequences for a long time. It can be manifestations of a various sort of pains and syndromes. Mainly after the delivery pain in the bottom of a stomach begins to disturb the woman. In most cases this morbidity is norm, but only if it has short character.

In what cases of pain in the bottom of a stomach after the delivery are norm

Childbirth represents rather difficult process which demands the huge tension of all forces of a female body. During patrimonial activity there is sprain, a divergence of bones, and sometimes there are even gaps. Thus, there is nothing terrible that the pain syndrome in the bottom of a stomach owing to suture and emergence of microcracks is after the delivery observed. After a certain term these symptoms will begin to disappear and, respectively, the organism will return to a prenatal state.

Localization of pain in the lower part of a stomach after patrimonial process demonstrates reduction of a uterus to the normal sizes. Besides, most of women note emergence of morbidity in bodies of a small pelvis directly when feeding the kid a breast. The fact is that when sucking by the child of a breast in an organism of mother there is a production of special hormone of oxytocin which is responsible for process of reduction of a uterus, causing pain. However you should not worry about it. It is necessary to put as often as possible the kid to a breast, and after a while pain will disappear.

Implementation of childbirth by means of Cesarean section is the cause of a pain syndrome in the bottom of a stomach too. Any surgery reminds rather long time of itself morbidity on the place of a section. In that case the woman surely should follow rules of personal hygiene and also to watch a condition of a seam. In addition, after the procedure of scraping can pull a stomach bottom too. The fact is that after the delivery all mothers undergo ultrasonography. At detection in a uterine cavity of the remains of an afterbirth surely purge. As this procedure is rather painful, it is no wonder that the woman long enough suffers from unpleasant feelings in the lower area of a stomach.

In what cases of pain in the bottom of a stomach after the delivery serve as a disturbing signal

It should be noted that not always the pain syndrome is capable to disappear by itself. In case from the moment of patrimonial process there passed month, and pain does not stop, it is necessary to see a doctor without fail. Sometimes the reason of development of pains is in developing of diseases of digestive tract. For the purpose of simplification of a state it is expedient to correct the diet, to try to avoid the use of heavy products. Besides, the aching pain in the lower part of a stomach which is followed by temperature increase of a body and also can indicate by emergence of purulent and bloody allocations from a vagina development of such dangerous disease as an endometritis. This disease is characterized by endometrium inflammation directly after patrimonial activity owing to penetration of viruses or fungi into a uterus cavity. At detection of the corresponding symptoms of an endometritis the immediate medical care is required.

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