Why the woman does not want children

Why the woman does not want children

Women who do not want to have children meet. The reasons for that can be a little: from problems with health, to features of character. Each case of refusal of own family is individual.


1. Some women do not want to bring children because have problems with the health. Happens that because of bad heredity, an unsatisfactory ecological situation or accident the girl suffers from some heavy illness. Sometimes because of a serious disease the doctors categorically do not advise to give birth as it can lead to serious complications both for the child, and for mom. Women who very much suffer because of the disease meet and are afraid to descend it to the son or the daughter. Therefore they decide not to get children.

2. Other women so appreciate and love the free way of life that do not want to burden themselves with children. The lack of a maternal instinct and a habit to be a hostess of the life can play a role by drawing up by the girl plans for the future. Occur among them and such which do not want to change not only the habitual rate of life, but also the figure. Such persons see in pregnancy and childbirth threat for the freedom and a well-groomed body.

3. Children have to grow only in full family - some women so consider. They do not think of appearance of the daughter or son, will not meet the worthy, reliable man yet, will not create with it the strong union and will not marry. Such girls treat marriage and family is very responsible and therefore do not hurry to get posterity. Incomplete confidence in the partner, in his devotion and ability to provide family plays a role too in unwillingness to bring children.

4. Some girls do not want children because they are faced by other vital purposes. Some of them are concentrated on career. Carried away by the professional activity, women do not even think of at least partially to devote themselves to family, the child. It is a pity that such women delay the moment when they become mothers, without thinking that with age chances to become pregnant and it becomes successful to take out the child less while a career can be started also after 40.

5. Fear of childbirth can play a role too that the girl does not want children. The panic connected with incubation of the kid and the moment of its birth forces some women to refuse motherhood. Terrible stories about childbirth which last nearly day bring terrible sufferings to future mothers and leave behind a set of negative consequences, frighten such girls.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team