Why the woman refuses serious the relations

Why the woman refuses serious the relations

You met some time ago, began to spend together time, to go out on dates, and everything was very lovely and fascinating. And after long courtings time to build something big came. But when the moment of the offer to create the serious relations came, she suddenly refused. Why such situations not a rarity?

All causes of failure of the girl can be divided into two groups: being in her or in the man. But if suddenly such case occurred in your life, be not too lazy to learn from it what prevented to go further, the interior can will cause a stir from others.

If the reasons in the man

Today there are a lot of infantile men. Externally they seem self-assured, dream of families, but in many acts the children's relation slides. They yet not absolutely matured for creation of the strong unions. Women like to meet such representatives of a strong half, but not all want to marry or agree to a civil marriage. If the man is not ready to take responsibility fully, then not any girl will risk to go with him further.

Presence of addictions at the man can also become a reason for dissonance. If the person likes to drink, is fond of computer games or is very hazardous, he can be the magnificent interlocutor or even the lover. But it is better not to speak about serious intentions, to meet or live together is not the same at all. If the man too exacting, it can prevent too. Not each woman is ready to give up work for the sake of the relations, not all will offer career. The excessive jealousy can be the cause too. All serious relations impose a number of obligations, and the lady of it is afraid.

If the reasons in the woman

There are women who do not want in marriage on the warehouse of character. They very easy are also not ready to burden themselves with obligations. The serious relations for them are fetters which will disturb. But such girls it is visible at once, in each their action it is noticeable that you should not count on bigger. They are children in an adult body who did not grow up yet. If the girl is in love with other man, then she will refuse to go further. It is interesting to accept courtings, to have a good time everything, but it not always conducts to something bigger. It could do it to vanish, or perhaps to cause jealousy. Or that another does not look at it, is differently. But to connect the existence with that for whom it does not feed deep experiences it will not become. And still the fear of the relations can be the cause. If there was already an experience when everything ended is deplorable, then again to go on the same path very inconveniently. Can seem that everything will repeat again that through some time there will be a parting, and it will be even more sick, than last time. If it is that case, then everything can be corrected. The patience, careful attitude will help to forget about the endured pain, the main thing is to convince the ladylove that everything will be absolutely differently that farther everything will develop perfectly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team