Why to the child it is bad at school

Why to the child it is bad at school

Often it happens that the family changes the residence and the school student should begin study on the new place. Relationship in a class not always returns to normal at once, and to the child it becomes bad at school. Naturally, it affects also progress.

Parents can help the offspring to find new friends, providing communication with peers outside school. It is for this purpose recommended to invite on a visit his schoolmates, to organize celebrations, encouraging the child in communication. It is important also to teach the kid to be interesting. For example, if he is able to tell funny stories, to play the guitar or to make a fire, it will have more chances to make friends with children.

It is necessary to promote that the school student was not torn off from collective and participated in trips, campaigns and other actions of a class. When at the pupil lessons come to an end even if he should be in time on music or English, it is undesirable to take away him from school at once. Otherwise the child will remain the stranger in a class in which peers became friends among themselves as it is.

If the child has stutter, enuresis, tics, enkoporezy or a skin disease, future reason of sneers of peers can disappear in it. It is very important to notice a problem in time and to try to cure it. And the teacher has to be warned about the child's problems. For example, about need on hours to take medicine.

That the pupil conformed to the general requirements of school, it is necessary to provide him to all necessary. For example, at physical education classes all the pupil need to put on shorts of black color. Therefore if parents, including it unimportant, buy it pink shorts, schoolmates will laugh and tease the schoolmate. It is important that it did not stand out from the general crowd of children too poor or untidy look. If the child is offended at school, it is possible to advise him that it changed the usual tactics of behavior. The developed stereotype always does acts of the kid predictable. And usually he behaves according to the scheme set by people around. But once he is beyond standard circumstances and to react with an unexpected image, it will be able not only to mislead the offenders, but also to overcome a difficult situation. For example, instead of beating the persecutors and to cry, it is necessary quietly, looking to them in eyes, to ask a question: "Well and that?" or to take and most to laugh in reply at itself. As a result, the child has to make what absolutely from him do not wait for. Parents of the child should not deal with his persecutors personally, it is better to inform the psychologist and the class teacher. It is not necessary to hurry on protection of the kid at once as soon as at him with schoolmates the conflict began. Experience of all stages of the conflict sometimes is very useful as helps the growing person to cope further with the problems independently. But here it is important not to go too far and not to miss the moment when intervention of adults is just necessary. It in case of the beginning of systematic persecution and mockeries at the child of his peers. Parents often late think: why the child is offended and subjected to regular beatings. And it already demonstrates that the situation was missed and they should interfere immediately. For a start – not to send the pupil to school that he did not meet the offenders. It is impossible to leave this phenomenon unpunished, otherwise offenders will find to themselves and other victim. But dismantling with persecutors in this situation is not the most important event. First of all the child needs to help to endure a psychological trauma that he did not feel fear of peers, trusting them. For the purpose of successful injection of the daughter or the son in new children's collective, it is important to family to teach him to make the first contact with peers. The relations in a class already settled – in it there are the leaders ignored and outcast. Therefore probability is high that the beginner will take the battering from age-mates. Parents have to be the first friends to the child that he could address them for council, the help and protection.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team