Why to the child the mobile phone in kindergarten

Why to the child the mobile phone in kindergarten

Often parents buy the mobile phone for the child, and it is considered normal, but seldom who thinks of whether phone for a visit of kindergarten is necessary. Such purchases are usually made because it is so accepted.

Advantages of phone at the child in kindergarten

Buying the child the mobile phone, parents feel more quietly, thanks to this modern device the child can report at any time about a situation in a garden. It will allow parents to be sure of what with the kid everything be all right and know that their child is in safety.

People perfectly know that where children, sometimes happen not really good situations, for example, a fight between children, not each tutor can follow the playing children. At the same time, after a lunch at the child the stomach can ache and if the kid calls home, most likely, parents will advise it that needs to be made. Usually children of younger age hesitate to tell about such problems with the tutor therefore the means of communication with parents comes to the rescue of them.

Besides emergency situations, the child can just miss the father or mother, and again phone will play a role here, not each parent has time on a call from the tutor to break from a workplace and to rush in a garden.

Negative sides of purchase of the mobile phone to the small child

The answer to a question of whether the mobile phone is necessary to the kindergarten child or not, it is impossible to give unambiguously. Some people say that it shows wealth and prosperity of family, than puts other children in an uncomfortable position. Others think that the cell phone is just necessary thing. However it is worth thinking whether it is necessary to get acquainted to the child from such early age with the latest technologies when he still plainly is not able to tie laces.

Perhaps, other children, having seen phone at the friend, too will want it, and because of it between kids there will be quarrels.

On the other hand, phone for the small child is only a toy, after breakage which should buy new. And such expenditure to anything, the child constantly is under supervision of adults and can just ask the nurse to contact parents, and it will be a fine way out. One more minus of phone at the child is an absence of proof of safety of the gadget, to this day some scientists try to understand as far as it is harmful to a human body. Besides, it is also worth noting that the child because of such "toy" can not want to play with peers and to stop being attentive and sociable.

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