Why, when and how to enter to the child a feeding up?

Why, when and how to enter to the child a feeding up?

Mother's milk — a tasty and useful product. But to any living being has not the luck to eat it all the life. And it is not a freak of nature at all – there is still a set of useful and tasty dishes with which the kid should get acquainted. What is it for? When it? How it? Read below.

Approximately by 6 months of need of the child for energy and nutrients increase. One breast milk or mix is already not enough for rough activity and growth of a young organism, and mom has additional "headache" - a feeding up.

Actually everything is not so difficult. The main thing is not to get confused in the sea of contradictory information on the system of acquaintance to adult food. Let's adhere to WHO recommendations – after all it opinions of experts from around the world. And still you treat execution of recommendations as to recommendations, but not as to an accurate guide to action. Do not forget that all children different, mothers are not robots and all live in various conditions.

What to begin with? Perhaps, from signs of readiness for new food:

- your sun is already 6 months old

- it is interesting to it that you pick the plate there

- it had the first zubik – the assistant in development of the new menu

- the kid is healthy and does not suffer pro-cutting of the next tooth

- the weight of the child doubled in comparison with weight at the birth

- the reflex of pushing out because of which the kid pushed out language all firm that got to it into a mouth was gone

- it seems, he already also does not gorge on only one milk.

First Food is not fast food

And here you understand that "the time has come", and there is the second question: what to feed with? Here opinions of pediatricians strongly differ, but the most popular approach is to begin a feeding up with vegetables and porridges. Porridges – if did not gather additionally in weight, vegetables – if with a weight everything is good or even search. If you in mind have a good children's doctor to whom you can trust, consult with him. He can advise that he suits your child.

Choice approximately is as follows:

  • Vegetables - green, boiled, not allergens: squash, broccoli, cauliflower
  • Kashi – without gluten and milk: rice, buckwheat, corn
  • Further it is entered fruit purees, then it is possible to pass to new types of vegetables, a yolk, cottage cheese, meat mashes, and is closer by 12 months – to fish.
  • After a year the kid can begin to eat from a table d'hote, but besides within limits.

System of input

Let's say you began with vegetable puree and chose as "squash a la it is fresh" first course. We increase a daily dosage from a half of a teaspoon to the amount of one full feeding in 5-7 days. After that we pass to a cauliflower. We give it from the minimum portion, and the portion of a squash every day is reduced. You can add couple of drops of vegetable oil or breast milk to vegetables. With mother's milk the taste is more native and more pleasant.

In a month, vegetables "will take root", it is possible to pass to porridges and so on. Already fallen in love product can be transferred to afternoon meal and also to mix something new with something checked.

Rules "VOZpitaniya" of children

  • The purpose of a feeding up is not to replace breast milk, and to add it. If the kid prefers a breast, be not upset and do not insist on large portions of new food.
  • If you did not give to the child water yet, then together with a feeding up it is necessary to enter a dopaivaniye.
  • Do not push food violently. Only your kid knows, he gorged on or not. Turned away from a spoon? Set aside a plate and give a breast.
  • The following type of a feeding up is added after 3-4 weeks after previous (three weeks vegetables, transition to porridges, four weeks of porridge, transition to fruit, etc.)
  • The new product needs to be "fed" in the first half of day and to track reaction of a children's organism.
  • At first try one component in structure, and then already its mix with something.
  • You should not use salt, sugar and spices though some pediatricians (for example, E.G. Komarovsky) recommend to add some salt to food in hot weather.
  • If on "beginner" the reaction in the form of rash, a diarrhea or a lock appeared, stop to give this product, but try it in several months. Perhaps, for it time did not come yet.
  • Easy frustration of a chair or abdominal distension – not an allergy, but normal behavior of an organism after change of the habitual menu.

How to prepare it?

Purchased vegetable or fruit puree is warmed on a water bath and given warm, about 37 degrees Celsius.

Vegetables cook in water and are crushed in the blender to uniform consistence. Give warm and pretend that it is very tasty.

Grain for porridges asks in the coffee grinder. They cook on water, it is possible to add breast milk after cooking.

Fruit are grated on a special grater or warm up besides to uniform consistence. The sweet taste usually is popular with kids.

Meat also cooks and frays in puree. It is possible to mix it with vegetables.

Requirements to products

Can food is often recommended by pediatricians as better and balanced. It is considered that so it also is — if to trust the producer. It is desirable to make sure that:

  • vegetables are grown up during a season in an eco-friendly zone
  • the nature, but not chemical industry worked on their structure

Councils of the psychologist

  • Do not try to feed the three-months kid with a squash because your neighbor already gives to the child it. If your child after a portion of milk or mix feels well, is not capricious and gains weight, the kid means does not remain hungry.
  • In order that the new product was pleasant, from 7 to 15 attempts sometimes are necessary. Let's try, but do not insist on "an empty plate". Next times also do not force to eat up. After some time the kid will fall in love with both a fresh squash, and a sour apple.
  • Do you want your child to eat properly? Begin with yourself. If you with appetite crackle chips and wash down them with sparkling water, do not wait that the sonny will be delighted with broccoli. Set the correct example.
  • Food has to look beautifully, appetizingly, interestingly. Involve your imagination. Creative approach can intrigue and make tasteless tasty.
  • You do not hurry to allow to try everything and at once. If you are patient and responsibly will approach selection of products of "adult food", it will strengthen health and will accelerate development of your kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team