Widespread mistakes in communication with children

Widespread mistakes in communication with children

Communicating with children, parents often make mistakes which lead to the fact that the child is discharged, at him desire to tell something and to share the experiences vanishes. Parents cannot understand what occurred why the child moved away and became reserved.

Parents do not listen to the child

There are situations when the child wants to share something, but parents have no time that to listen to him. Even if you are busy, postpone affairs at least for several minutes and find time for talking to the child. Surely let to it know your interest what he tells. Face it or sit down nearby. If the child is upset, take him by hand if it still small, itself can put him on knees. For the period of the conversation surely refuse all affairs as the child will not want to share anything, observing as you wash the dishes, you watch TV or you cannot come off the computer – will seem to it that you are concentrated only on yourself, but not on it.

Adults do not share feelings of the child

If the child decided to share the fears or what caused in him melancholy or grief, it is not necessary to wave away from him a hand, saying that it is trifles. Some things seem insignificant to adults, and the child they force to think that there is with him something is not right. It often leads to the fact that children become isolated. Better to say that at its age it concerned you too, caused fear or grief. It is necessary to let know that through it there pass all people.

Parents accuse and resort to criticism

If the child made any mistake and decided to tell you about it, it is not necessary to criticize or accuse at once. First, it will lower a self-assessment, and secondly, will lead to the fact that the child in general will cease to share what happens to him. Even if a certain act upset you, try to talk about it that the unpleasant situation never repeated quietly. It will help to build up the strong relationship in which the child will not be afraid to ask for the help or council.

Dad and mom do not coordinate the actions

Sometimes in families there are situations when one of parents allows something to do, and another strictly forbids. It is necessary to remember that all rules, the bans and requirements have to be coordinated, the child has to know and understand them. In this case there will be no misunderstanding.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team