With what products to begin the child's feeding up

With what products to begin the child's feeding up

Every month of need of the baby for vitamins increase, and it is necessary to enter into a diet of the kid new products gradually. Young mothers often have a question what it is better to begin a feeding up with.

According to the recommendations of World Health Organization, the child should enter a feeding up after achievements of 6 months by the kid of age. The kid can be the first food (after breast milk or mix): vegetables, porridges, fermented milk products. Most often pediatricians advise to begin a feeding up of the kid with vegetables. Most easily digestive tract of the child perceives a squash, broccoli and a cauliflower. Also it is necessary to acquaint the kid with these products first of all. Vegetables need to be boiled, crushed in the blender or to wipe through a sieve, to add water and to bring to consistence of rather thin porridge.

Some experts recommend to enter into the child's diet fermented milk products at first. They well influence intestinal microflora and are closest on structure to breast milk.

Buckwheat, rice or corn cereal can be the first porridge of the kid. They can be prepared on water, breast milk or mix, but not on goat and not on cow's milk. Grain for porridge should be pounded, for example, in the coffee grinder. It is also possible to crush ready porridge in the blender. It is necessary to remember that the feeding up is entered on one product into the same feeding from a half of a teaspoon.

Vegetable purees and porridges can both be cooked independently, and to use already ready-made products which are on sale in most children's shops, in pharmacies and many supermarkets.

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