Words which cannot be spoken to children

Words which cannot be spoken to children

Any parents watch closely the speech of the children and are always ready to make them a remark. Though themselves in the words not controlled. And very often allow such expressions which not only are unpleasant, but also are frankly harmful to younger generation. Parents should  think of how any given phrase is perceived by the child seriously.

"You all in the dad" or "And to whom you such went? I will cannot understand"

In such phrases the rage, discontent or disappointment are usually felt. In fact,  it means for the child that you were simply not lucky with the son or the daughter. It causes feeling of alarm and loneliness in children, and at more advanced age — anger.

"To me at all not to you"

This expression is offensive for people of any age, not to mention children. Next time, simply, the child will look for attention some other way. On a sound of the broken glass or a cry of a cat mom will come running as pretty.

" Not your business"

Sometimes this phrase is said with quiet and even benevolent intonation. Means - when you grow up, you will understand. But less dangerous it from it does not become. For some children the stay in ignorance is a starting point of neurosis. For others the reason of formation of such  traits of character, as suspiciousness and mistrust. And happens that the child ceases to ask the questions interesting him. And then parents are surprised why he grew up such indifferent.

"Well where to you"

Why parents so speak? Sometimes out of pity to the child. Sometimes from desire to hold near itself. But is more often because really do not believe in its abilities. Anyway, the level of claims of the child from it can strongly change. Very heavy to try to obtain something if adults do not appreciate efforts and are obviously sure of a failure.

"Tell the truth"

Such requirement always results in opposite results, especially if to add it with threats. All this creates a situation of pressure, constant control. The frankness and honesty exist in the conditions of trust, softness and tolerance to different situations.

"All will laugh at you"

Strangers, real and imaginary, so affect the child that some parents completely give education of function to "them". At such education, the child begins to be afraid of foreign people, to test uncertainty in communication or to show aggression to people around.

"They good will not teach you"

We want our child to have many friends. Only these friends have to be in every sense positive. But our aspiration to make selection among friends, does not cause feeling of gratitude in children. They become isolated, tell parents about the relations with friends less and gradually move away.

"There are children"

Undoubtedly, in the world there are a lot of children who cleverer and capable. And of course, they cause admiration. It is impossible to put them  in comparison with the child at all. The same that the husband will extol the neighbor all the time and to put it in comparison with the wife.

"How many from you problems"

Over time the child gets used not to create problems and even does not share thoughts and experiences. Often it remains all life and is wrapped in tendency to depressions.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team