Wrong education

Wrong education

Ideal children are not, as well as ideal parents. All adults make mistakes in issues of education of the children. Will important learn to overestimate and analyze a situation, in time improves as children's offenses remain in memory of the child for the rest of life.


1. Hiding the important information connected with antecedents, or family of the child it is possible to do much harm strongly. Subsequently it will become the reason of development of mistrust to parents, emergence of inferiority complexes. Any person has the right to know the truth. Parents need only to pick up suitable time and the correct words.

2. Hyper guardianship. Many parents try to protect the child from everything, but it is worth remembering that the kid will grow up and he should most care for himself. It is necessary to cultivate independence at the child since early years.

3. The overestimated requirements. If the child did not meet expectations of parents, in any situation, it is wrong to reproach and punish him. The main thing to induce the child to make everything that in his forces and to praise for persistence and diligence even if the end result is not ideal, it will be better next time.

4. Inconsistency of actions. In families where both parents take active part in education of the child, there are moments when opinions differ. One parent insists on punishment, the second does not see in it need, the quarrel is started. That the child did not fall a victim of the conflict, parents have to discuss alone current situation, make the common decision and only then will have a talk with the child. Actions of parents have to be coordinated, otherwise the child will become puzzled between the devil and the deep sea.

5. Undeserved charges. Under pressure of a stress, fatigue, perhaps even without wishing that, the father or mother can accuse the child of insignificant offenses, or actions which he did not make in general. Having poured out a portion of a negative, the parent lightens, without thinking of harm which is done to the child. Children's offenses so just do not pass, further it can become the reason of the intense relations in family. If in a rush of anger it was not succeeded to constrain emotions, it is necessary to explain to the child that there is no his fault in it and to ask forgiveness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team