Ya-concept: problem of definition and structure

Ya-concept: problem of definition and structure

The Ya-concept is the system of representations of the individual about itself on the basis of which he treats himself and builds relationship with other people. It was created in world psychology as a steady concept.

Intelligence and emotions – a basis I - concepts

It is necessary to tell that among world psychologists there is no unity in understanding I - concepts. It comes from the fact that the heart of the matter has too general character. Representations about I - concepts were formed in the middle of the 20th century. Its structure traditionally includes three elements: cognitive, emotional and estimated and behavioural components. The first consists in the attitude of the person towards itself(himself), the second is aimed at his experiences about it. According to it a behavioural component I - concepts define behavior of the person, or individual, concerning ideas of myself. Thus, I am the concept plays a triple role.

For example, Rogers considered that the cognitive component consists not only of the attitude of the person towards itself, but also of his ideas of itself. Thus, it allocated ideal and real cognitive.

Certainly, a kernel I - concepts scientists recognized an emotional and estimated component. It just is also a self-assessment and level of claims. It is wrong to think that the self-assessment of the person influences only his attitude towards itself. Depends on this personal criterion as the individual will begin to build relationship with other members of society. The self-assessment of the personality is adjoined by the level of her claims. The overestimated level of claims when the person sets really impracticable tasks for himself, speaks about high self-esteem and vice versa. Thus, I am the concept defines what the person is capable of that he is able to make and that is not present. I - concepts am one more important structural element self-esteem. Not all psychologists pay it worthy attention, however the level of comfort of the personality directly depends on self-esteem.

Special attention to consciousness

It is interesting that ideas of the person of themselves are not always objective though can seem to the individual that his conclusions are indisputable and based on strong evidential base. It far not so. You should not confuse I - the concept and consciousness. The Ya-concept – something descriptive, speculative, whereas consciousness more real concept. At the same time they remain closely connected with each other. A self-assessment – the fact that there are after working off I - concepts. It is interesting that I am the concept as the system represents constantly developing phenomenon. She "matures" together with the person, is frequent by the end of life from initial I - almost nothing remains to the concept.

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