Yoga for conception of the child: effective asanas and exercises

Yoga for conception of the child: effective asanas and exercises

 The bad ecological situation, multiple stressful situations and other causes have negative effect on a female body. These and other factors often affect impossibility to have children. It is quite often possible to achieve positive result by use various the practician, one of which is the yoga. In article we will consider how the yoga can promote conception of the child.

Many women have problems with conception of the child.

  • diseases of a reproductive system;
  • obesity;
  • age;
  • problems of psychological character.

Whether you know? Asana means the correct pose therefore even 3 hours in a row it is also possible to call direct sitting on a chair an asana.

But most often the reasons are in an emotional condition of the woman. To improve a state and to fix many problems and consequently, and to become pregnant, occupations yoga help.

  • blood circulation in a small basin improves;
  • muscles of a press and pelvic bottom become stronger;
  • the menstrual cycle is normalized;
  • production of sex hormones is stimulated;
  • favorable impact on an endocrine system;
  • soothing and antistress effect;
  • rejuvenation of all organism.

Occupations do by yoga the woman more great, more quietly and more surely, and it favorably affects conception. Duration of occupations depends on individual characteristics. The only condition is a regularity.

There are many various directions in yoga, and all of them have the advantages. Further we will shortly tell about some of them.

This system is basic for many other directions. Use of various poses (asanas), exercises of respiratory character and the technician of clarification is its cornerstone.

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When performing exercises it is desirable to achieve deep meditation, movements have to be smooth and slow. Improvement of an organism and achievement of sincere harmony will be result.

Characteristic feature of this direction is individual approach to each person. Each exercise adapts to opportunities of the specific pupil. The correctness of performance how many received from this feeling is important not so much.

Therefore this direction is suitable for any age groups with different physical training and even for those who have a poor health.

Except occupations asanas, meditation, breathing exercises and philosophy also practices. At occupations blame - yoga the constraint in a body disappears, back pains vanish, many diseases recover and state of mind is normalized.

This equipment is suitable for people with big ambitions and persons interested to receive the fastest result. It is yoga of sports character and has such features:

  • the main attention is aimed at the accuracy and correctness of performance of different poses;
  • occupations begin with less difficult asanas passing into more difficult combinations;
  • not only the complexity, but also performance duration increases;
  • less attention is paid to spirituality here;
  • various devices are used (levels, ropes, chairs, etc.).

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Change not only conditions of all organism, but also an emotional background is result of occupations.

  • it is carried out in couple therefore it is necessary to watch not only own feelings, but also feelings of the partner;
  • there has to be the maximum slackness;
  • it is impossible to allow pain — at their emergence the occupations stop;
  • that exercises did not turn into usual charging, it is necessary to achieve synchronism of breath of partners.

This yoga helps to find mutual understanding, to improve the relations and to renew trust.

For contribution to emergence of pregnancy poses which improve blood circulation in bodies of a small pelvis are used, strengthen the necessary muscles and help to reach composure.

Important! Classes yoga can be given only in 3 hours after meal. The breath delay when performing asanas releases energy and improves breath.

  • stimulation of blood circulation in bodies of a small pelvis;
  • stretching of back muscles;
  • removal of tension around a stomach;
  • normalization of nervous system.
  1. To become exactly.
  2. Hands on hips.
  3. To exhale.
  4. To make an inclination forward.
  5. To clasp with hands of an anklebone or a heel.

This exercise is called still a pose of a butterfly.

  • to strengthening of an internal surface of a hip, reproductive organs and knee joints;
  • to removal of toxins and reduction of bad power of hips and groin;
  • to strengthening of blood supply of the lower part of a trunk.

At regular performance of this exercise it is possible to achieve not only the fastest conception, but also simplification of childbirth.

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  1. To sit down on a floor.
  2. To bend legs and to connect soles of feet.
  3. To move up heels as it is possible closer to a crotch.
  4. To move apart hips so that knees reached a floor.
  5. Feet adhere the bound fingers.
  6. Equal back, the look is directed forward (it is desirable to stay in such situation longer).
  7. To exhale and, having bent forward, to get a floor serially a forehead, a nose, and then a chin (to hold on in this situation about a minute).
  8. To inhale and to smoothly level a back.
  9. To finish an asana with connection of knees and alignment of legs.
  • strengthenings of the muscular device of hips and ankles;
  • increases in inflow of blood to area of a basin;
  • stress relief and finding of tranquility.

Whether you know? Some yogis can not breathe from 30 minutes to an hour. Many asanas are used for trainings of submariners and divers.

  1. To reach position on a lap.
  2. To connect thumbs of legs.
  3. To sit down on heels.
  4. To lay down so that the breast and a stomach were on hips.
  5. To extend hands along a body palms up.
  6. To cover eyes and to breathe quietly.

All above-mentioned exercises contribute to normalization of those functions of an organism which promote the fastest conception.

Not always at inability of couple to have children the reason consists in the woman. In this case it is possible to try to work yoga together.

For this purpose well the pair yoga will approach: it will help not only to improve health of spouses, but also that is very important, to lift relationship to new level therefore it is called still trust yoga. Let's shortly tell about performance of some asanas.

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  1. To become against each other.
  2. To clasp with hands the partner's waist.
  3. To cave in back.
  4. To relax and to breathe deeply.
  1. To lay down to one line, touching by the heads.
  2. Hands are raised up and bound with the partner's hands.
  3. It is dense to press waists to a floor.
  4. At the same time to raise legs it is perpendicular to a floor.
  5. Heels are extended, calves are strained.

It is important! If during performance of exercises there is a feeling of pain or discomfort, it is necessary to stop occupations immediately.

  1. To reach position opposite at distance of outstretched arms.
  2. To put hands on shoulders to the partner.
  3. Departing back, to bend.
  4. To be late in this situation.

The yoga has contraindications therefore occupations should be begun gradually, without hurrying, listening to reactions of the organism. If only positive results are observed, it is necessary to continue further. But it is necessary to understand that serious problems with health one yoga will manage to be solved hardly.

For certain will interestingly read you how to become pregnant from the first.

In this case only the qualified medical care can help. Physicians in a question of advantage of yoga for conception of the child do not agree as there are no clinical proofs of such influence.

If the main problem consists in an emotional and mental state, then use of asanas can result in desired result. Very much we hope that our information is useful to you and will help with achievement of the necessary purposes. Use all available methods, and at you everything will turn out!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team