Yoga for the smallest: useful exercises of the Indian kulyutura for children

Yoga for the smallest: useful exercises of the Indian kulyutura for children

 Presently the yoga is not only popular occupation, but also a polemic subject as many consider that to force children to carry out difficult gymnastic elements rather dangerously and senselessly. Others say that children should be accustomed to yoga nearly since the birth. Today we will understand that is represented by children's yoga and whether it is useful to children. Let's find out at what age the organism of the child is ready to performance of simple elements and whether preliminary preparation is necessary.

Features: whether it is possible for the yogi to children

For a start it is worth understanding whether the yoga is useful to children, and whether it is possible to be engaged in it in the smallest. Let's talk also about what is represented by children's yoga. In fact, the children's yoga is a set of simple gymnastic exercises which are intended to help the child to warm up a body, to normalize breath and also to splash out the accumulated energy.

The children's option differs from the adult in the fact that he is not capable to injure the child, and load of bones and muscles is minimized therefore gymnastic exercises are suitable even for weak and sick children.

Many parents ask a question whether it is possible to practice yoga with children, it is necessary not only to know exercises, but also to be able correctly to explain the principle of performance.

If you the beginner in this case then to be engaged at home — not the best option as the minimum chance to injure the kid nevertheless exists, especially occupation is preceded by preparation which you will hardly be able to carry out.

For this reason it is better than a message of the kid to the instructor who not only well knows all asanas (exercises), but also will be able to prepare the kid for occupation, to take care of the correct performance and also will be able to notice problems with health in time if those arise.

Separately It is necessary to tell that a set of asanas is based on Hatha yoga, however exercises were changed that they could be used for a training of children.

Important! The Hatha yoga is the separate direction of yoga which includes exercises for a body and spirit, clarifications of an organism from slags and also the practicians learning to operate vital energy.

That is, asanas are taken not from the head, and represent a certain complex which means consecutive performance of exercises with respect for the invariable sequence.

About advantage of east culture

Any occupation has to bring any benefit therefore further we will understand, than the yoga is useful to kids and to what child similar pastime will be especially useful. At once It is necessary to tell that asanas are directed not only to improvement a condition of a body therefore the child receives not only physical, but also intellectual development.

Regular trainings improve a bearing, accelerate blood circulation and also positively affect flexibility. The motility of joints improves, extremities receive enough the blood filled with oxygen that prevents development of the diseases caused by a sedentary life.

The kid works not only muscles, but also the head. In the course of performance of asanas he trains memory as he remembers the sequence of movements. Also there are many games which demand from the child of connection of imagination correctly to execute an asana.

Whether you know? The Hatha yoga is translated from Sanskrit as the strengthened unification. And the doctrine, according to legends, was told to people by god Shiva.

The yoga is especially useful to children at whom the hyperactivity as they will be able to put excess energy on the right track is observed. Exercises do not overload the kid, and on the contrary, remove stress and help to relax.

How to practice yoga with children: basic rules

Further we will talk about that, to properly practice yoga with the child whether it is necessary to accustom to east culture of kids about one year. Let's tell how there has to take place occupation.

With what age to begin

To answer this question rather difficult as you choose at what age your kid will try this occupation, however you should not send to yoga of babies precisely therefore further we will understand at what age your child will not be able to do without useful gymnastics.

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Let's remember at what age children receive excessive intellectual and physical activity precisely to determine the initial age.

If your kid is engaged in a garden with games which alternate with a dream and regular food, then at school all these pleasures turn into monotonous obtaining information from the teacher or the textbook. Your child for hours sits in one pose on an inconvenient chair and if on change tries to warm up a body, then will at once be reprimanded by the teacher as the similar behavior at school is unacceptable.

It turns out that the child carries out the lion's share of time in an inconvenient pose which promotes appearance of various diseases connected with the musculoskeletal device.

Considering the aforesaid, it is possible to draw a conclusion that it is necessary to send the child to yoga at the age of 5-6 years when the kid receives information tons, sitting in one pose then comes home morally tired and exhausted.

Important! It is possible to practice yoga with the child till 1 year only in the special centers under supervision of the trainer. House classes with babies are forbidden to be given.

Of course, you can accustom to yoga of the child of 2-4 years, however in that case it will be heavy to you to explain him the correct technology of performance and the child will hardly understand why it needs it, in a garden it has a rest, but is not overstrained.

Duration and schedule of occupations

Let's begin with that how many one occupation has to last. We take the average duration of one occupation with the instructor which offer various centers of yoga as a basis.

If your kid is from 4th to 7 years old, then it is worth being engaged with him no more than 1 hour. If the child is tired earlier, then you should not force him, for want of habit it is possible to receive overfatigue.

For children from 8 - mi up to 11 years duration 75 minutes that is quite enough for good rest of soul and a body is exposed.

You should not increase duration as children at this age already got used to the average duration of a lesson, and 75 minutes are nearly 2 lessons, and increase in time of occupation can negatively affect desire to practice yoga further.

Children have to carry out from 12 to 15 years asanas for 90 minutes. At this age there are global changes of an organism as the awkward age begins. A large amount of energy under the influence of hormones is released therefore such duration of occupation is justified. It is necessary to tell that to force the child to be engaged at such age it is useless therefore you need to interest him, or to offer an award.

As for the schedule of occupations, it needs to be arranged under desires and possibilities of the child. If the child is full of strength, then it is possible to carry out asanas every day. If the child strongly is tired, he is hurt by muscles, then give classes every other day or when the organism completely is restored.

Whether you know? The guru Ravindra Mishra made impossible — spent under water more than 144 hours without oxygen. All this time it was in deep meditation. At the same time he tested not only oxygen starvation, but also strong pressure as he stayed at a depth of 19 meters.

Yoga for children in house conditions useful exercises

Further we will consider yoga poses for the beginning children who it is possible to carry out houses. These exercises do not differ in complexity, however will help the child to warm up all muscles and also to have a rest morally.


Put the child on a rug so that his trunk was perpendicular to legs which are extended forward. Further the kid has to cross legs before himself that the similarity of a pose of a lotus turned out, however it is not necessary to shower a foot up.

After the child reached initial position, ask it to lean the left hand on the right knee. At the same time the right hand has to be delayed back. In the course of performance the kid slightly bends a back and gathers a full breast of air.

Important! All exercises in yoga for children are carried out slowly and smoothly. Any fast movements or breakthroughs can lead to a trauma.

Performance of an asana continues with repetition of this action, only with other hand.


Further exercise which is used for meditation follows. It is possible to replace with this asana a break between exercises.

Ask the kid to sit down in Turkish, having crossed legs before themselves. Attentively look at situation as the child has to sit exactly, knees have to be on one line.

Further we ask the kid to put hands on knees palms up, to cave in in a back and to inhale deeply completely to remind lungs air. It is possible to repeat an asana 3-5 times.


The child has to lay down a stomach on a laying then to raise straight arms and legs, tearing off only the top part of a trunk from a floor. The head at the same time directs up. Ask that the child for a second fixed a body in the top point. In the course of performance it is deeply necessary to breathe.


The asana is especially useful to those children who have problems with a backbone (scoliosis, lordoz). Exercise strengthens muscles of a back and lumbar department.

The kid has to lay down on a stomach then to tighten the hands bent in elbows under himself that they settled down under a thorax. Further, leaning on elbows and forearms, the child has to raise a trunk without legs. The lower extremities have to be straight lines.

Important! All asanas are carried out only for an hour to food, or in 2 hours after meal. The neglect this rule can lead to nausea, stomach pains or vomiting.

In the course of a trunk raising, elbows are located not on both parties from a breast, and under it that is important. During performance it is necessary to take a slow full breath a breast.


Your child has to become exactly, put legs at shoulder length. Further the kid bends forward so that the corner between a trunk and legs was brought closer to direct. Ask it to direct hands down and to close them.

In the course of performance, the kid has to swing slowly close hands here and there, at the same time remaining in a static pose. Equal and deep breath.

The devil from a box

The child sits down on a laying, extending legs forward. Then he has to tighten knees to a breast so that the bent extremities were convenient to be clasped with hands. Further the child puts the head on knees, pressing out legs hands.

During lowering of the head on knees it is necessary to exhale completely, and on a breath to bend a back and to raise the head up. Everything is carried out slowly and smoothly.


The child lays down on a stomach, extending hands before himself. Legs have to be straight lines. Further the kid begins to raise slowly the head and a trunk, straining the upper extremities.

In the course of a raising of a front part of a body, the child tightens hands under himself that they, finally, were perpendicular to legs. In the course of performance of a leg remain motionless, the basin is pressed to a floor. The back has to cave in that the asana was executed correctly.


The simplest asana which allows to adjust and calm breath.

The kid becomes directly, distance between legs minimum. Slowly raises hands up that the English letter Y was formed, in parallel fills lungs with oxygen. In this situation it is possible to be late a little then to repeat performance anew.


The child has to kneel so that the case continued the line of hips. Further ask it to lower a thorax on hips so that in the course of performance lowered a seat on heels. Hands need to be held before themselves, palms down.

Further it is necessary to make a slow breath a full breast then to transfer the center of gravity to straight arms, having directed forward and to begin to roar, letting out the air. At the end to return to a starting position.


The kid has to sit down directly then to connect legs before himself a sole to a sole. Further to him slightly to bend forward and to put hands under knees so that elbows touched a floor surface.

Slowly inhaling and exhaling air, the child has to touch by a forehead of the connected soles slowly. Hands in the course of performance can hold legs in static situation.

Precautionary measures

In the conclusion we will talk about what should be remembered and carried out in the course of the occupation to avoid injuries or other problems with health.

Correct clothes. The child has to be dressed in free clothes which do not press extremities or a trunk in the course of performance of asanas. Fabrics have to be natural that there was no jump of body temperature.

Consultation of the expert. All children without exception have any problems with health, diseases or deviations therefore consultation at the children's pediatrician is an obligatory stage.

Food and liquids. During the occupations it is forbidden to eat something and also to drink water or other drinks. Water it is only possible to propolosnut a mouth, no more. Remember that any liquid or food which got into a stomach can cause discomfort in the course of performance of asanas. Difficult elements. Small children it is impossible to force to carry out a rack on the head, hands, the return somersaults, and similar elements which at the wrong performance can strongly injure the musculoskeletal device of the kid.

Correct time. You should not practice yoga before going to bed, or at once half asleep. In the first case the kid simply will not fall asleep, and in the second can injure or pull something as during sleep the body does not move, respectively, the minimum warm-up before performance of simple elements is required.

Surface and space. It is impossible to carry out asanas on uneven or too soft surface as it is fraught with bruises. Also take care of that around the kid there were no objects against which he can be wounded or hit.

Around it there has to be a free space that the mistake did not lead to receiving grazes and bruises because of blow about any subject. Now you know what poses of yoga are suitable for children from what age it is necessary to accustom them to useful gymnastics and what exercises can be practiced at home. Remember that only regular performance of asanas will yield result, and do not forget about safety measures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team