10 rules of SEO advance

10 rules of SEO advance

After the website is created, there is quite logical question: how do I learn about it Internet users? For this purpose the nobility a few rules of SEO website promotion by means of which you will be able independently to leave if not in TOP-10, then in TOP-50 search delivery is enough.


Any specialist of SEO advance strongly recommends to give to keywords or phrases at most of attention. They should define a subject of this website accurately. It not only klyuchevik, but also synonyms, and related concepts. Being guided by keywords, users try to find information necessary to them therefore try to place klyuchevik in headings, links and the text. Glance on the websites of competitors, paying attention to their structure, headings and information placed in meta-tags.

Qualitative content

Take care of qualitative and useful content which will interest Internet users. That the web resource was found in the searcher, keywords in it should correspond to contents. Optimum quantity of klyuchevik – 6-7 which should be entered in the text harmoniously. If to oversaturate the text key phrases, then the search engine will exclude a resource from delivery. The website loses the importance if on its pages information which is not corresponding to heading or keywords is placed. It can be told also about the links conducting on other web resources. Before the publication it is necessary to check site content for errors. It is worth paying special attention to links: everyone needs to be checked.

HTML tags

It is recommended to create the website in the text editor and to register HTML tags. Existence of descriptive tags is obligatory, use for the list the ul tag, for the paragraph – p, for headings and subheadings – h.


Search robots will evaluate your website if on it there is perfectly issued homepage which contains all information on the website, its description. Acquaintance to the website generally begins with the homepage. It should be user-oriented and allow it easy to be guided. Will depend on it whether will visit other pages of your website or it will be left.


Links are important both for users, and for search engines. They pay attention to the used anchors in links. Anchors should correspond to that page, but which they provide. Avoid abstract phrases like "Learn more". Use better the name of article or the page on which it is possible to follow the link. From that how clear and exact will be links, their importance in the list of output of the search engine depends. If it is about website promotion, then the link should be on a resource of similar subject.

Title tag

Use this tag on each page of the website. In it there has to be a name of the website and the short description with one of keywords. By search the name of the page and, proceeding from it appears, the user will solve whether there can be on your resource an information, necessary for it.

Description of pictures

Register the alt tag which will help the search engine to index images better at each significant picture, the photo or the image.

Description meta-tag

Description – the descriptive tag. It is intended for the short description of content placed on a web resource. It is used by search engines for issue of information on the link.


The site map is necessary for the search engine for indexation of a resource, being guided by files of XML. Simple and convenient navigation is simply necessary for visitors. It is worth refusing the graphic interface in favor of text.

The website for people

First of all the website should be focused on Internet users. Web resources which are easy in use most quicker I get in Top-10 of search delivery.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team